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Mahmoud Tarzi, father of Afghanistan journalism

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In the first decade of 19 century, the emperor of Ahmad Shah Durani was disintegrated because of harsh dissension occurred among his successors (the sons of Sardar Payenda Mohammad Khan Mohammadzaie).
Based on the treaty of 1242 lunar year (1826) the remaining fiefdom of Durani emperor was divided that the historical city of Kandahar from Shahjoy till Farah and Shekar poor owned by five brothers. These brothers were include of Shirdel Khan, Rahmdel Khan and Mehrdel Khan.
Rahmdel was died in Iran in 1275 lunar year and was buried in Najaf city.
His son was named Ghulam Mohammad. He was poet.
His second name was Tarzi. He was born in Kandahar and died in Damascus in 1318 lunar year.
Ghulam Mohammad Tarzi was loyal to Sardar Mohammad Ayoub Khan, the conqueror of Maiwand. Because he was in oppose with British colonialism.
When Sardar Abdurrahman Khan took the throne (Jan.1880), the spies of Abdurrahman Khan reported him that in a ceremony, a Herati resident and Sardar Ghulam Mohammad Khan was narrating about successful return of Sardar Mohammad Ayoub Khan from Iran.
After this, Amir ordered the property of Sardar Ghulam Mohammad should be requisited and he himself should be exiled to India and his Herati friend also has been imprisoned.
According to historians, Tarzi along with 36 family members were fled to India via Quetta and Karachi in January 1881.
The son of Sardar Ghulam Mohammad Tarzi who was named as Mahmoud was also exiled. He was 16.
In August 23rd of 1865, Mahmoud was born in vicinity of Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznavid tomb.
Young Mahmoud: When Mahmoud was 17 years old was literate and man of letter. He lived in Karachi along with his father and family in Karachi until 20 years of his life.
He learned Urdu language in this city.
His father didn’t want to live there more and in summer of this year, first he left for Turkey and then for Baghdad.
Young Mahmoud learned Turkish language. Beside this, he learned Arabic language as well.
When he was 35, he also learned French language in 1900.
With vast studies, Mahmoud learned literature, law, politics, and social sciences as well as the principles of natural sciences.
As a result of vast studies in politics, writing, translation, poem, he was changed into a great patriotism personality.
He translated many books and novels from other languages into Dari and Pashtu languages that some of them were printed and published.
He had some tours to all Arabic and Ottoman cities and met with senior officials of Turkey and Arab nations.
Sardar Ghulam Mohammad Khan Tarzi died in exile in Syria in December 7th of 1900 and was buried there.
Mahmoud Tarzi was 35 when Amir Abdurrahman was died, he returned to Kabul in February, 1902. He lived for nine month and famed as Beg Sahib.
As Amir Habibullah invited him to come back to the country and after 23 years living in exile, he returned home in 1905 and lived at Mullah Ammu Toukhi in Dehafghanan, in front of Kabul municipality.
This hard-working and scholar young personality, beside publishing of Serajul Akhbar-i-Afghania, he completed and translated 30 books and poetic works and articles and prose works.
Mahmoud Tarzi was hard-working, calm, cold-blooded and was searching for what was useful for progress and development.
Because of making strengthen the pillar of journalism, he was famed as “Father of journalism” and renovation in Afghanistan.
This work began in 1911 and the first issue of Serajul Akhbar-i-Afghania was published.
After proclamation of independence of Afghanistan by Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Mahmoud Tarzi was appointed as first foreign minister of Afghanistan.
He also presided over the meeting of gaining the independence of Afghanistan.
His girl queen Suraya inaugurated the first girl school in Kabul.
A. Hadi Quraishi

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