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Loud voice of women targeted

2017 03 04 young girls study graphic designing in herat 5
HERAT, 04 March 2017 - Young girls study graphic designing in Code to Inspire (CTI) technology center in the city of Herat, west of Afghanistan. CTI currently provides a safe educational environment for tens of female students aged 15-25. Code to Inspire is a nonprofit committed to teaching female students in Afghanistan how to code and is an after-school program founded by Fereshteh Forough, an Afghan women in January of 2015. CTI aims to hitch women's economic and social advancement on to Afghanistan's growing tech industry. Courses in coding, access to tech & professional resources, and job placement will enable CTI students to attain employment that is both financially rewarding and socially accessible. In areas where women's travel can be heavily restricted, the ability to work remotely is a key tool in the push for equality. Access to the wealth of the global tech economy enables CTI students to add unique value to their households and their communities, and to challenge the traditional gender roles in Afghanistan with the best argument out there, results. Photo UNAMA Fraidoon Poya.

The constitution and other available laws of the country have provided important legal opportunities for women based on which certain opportunities are available for presence and promotion of women in all spheres and positions.
Afghanistan history has been witnessing plenty of ups and downs on position and presence of women in government structure as bitter experiences of the periods of civil war and Taliban regime are parts of black chapters.
Following the Bonn accord new rays of hope were provided for presence of women in all levels. Women attended 30 percent in emergency, constitutional and consultative peace jirgas.
In the past women were present in government structure symbolically but now particularly in the last four years, with their strong and effective presence, women represent themselves and have no longer symbolic presence.
Women with their academic, managerial and expertise huge capacities and experiences have occupied important posts. Today men no longer decide instead of women and don’t represent them.
President Ghani is one of the limited personalities who appeared in the scene together with his wife. This is an example and strong move and proper gesture of men and women joint work at different level. This presence help women further in creation of a new atmospheres of self-reliance.
Women had played outstanding role in the past elections in national process. In some provinces women had more partnerships and their partnership percentage was highest in most province. This is sign of women intention and determination for change. Women presence in village councils have been effective and flourishing.
Today women presence is unfading in three branches of the government but its not enough and sufficient. Women presence is visible in national assembly, Supreme Court, AGO, Independent directorate of local governance, provinces, cabinet, the three of security and defence sectors, embassies…etc. Afghanistan might have been among limited Islamic countries that women have presence in its highest judicial level. For the first time, Afghanistan ambassador in Washington and Afghanistan permanent representative at the UN are women.
Following the establishment of Afghan businesswomen chamber of commerce, the role of women in trade and investment has become flourishing. Now the Afghan businesswomen have taken important steps in economic sector with their initiatives.
Glorious presence of women is visible in education and higher education including students and lecturers. The government legal and political support of women’s rights and position is unprecedented in the history. Beside his particular respect to women, president Ghani is serious advocate of women position and rights. Today women enjoy strong position in cultural, economic, political, administrative social levels.
Unfortunately, a wave of purposeful and political allegations have been started within the framework of software and psychological war against this important achievement of the NUG. It makes women more vulnerable. Fortunately today collective wisdom, political comprehension and women powerful voice cause anybody to appear in the role of “Mullah Lang” target the unconcluded chapter of Ghazi Amanullah Khan and fail it.
Although political circles precisely with this goal and in this direction are intending to create the past scenarios, but knowledge and comprehension of society would prevent implementation of these political objectives.
The government is serious and determined against immoral behaviors and would never ignore such behaviors.
Judicial branches could seriously assess these allegations on every body and authority.
But we expect the social media not to target the whole system of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with one real or chimerical allegation and most important of all not to take such steps to prevent women promotion and should be precise against wave of allegation and psychological war.
The upcoming election will be together with wave of breathtaking and software attacks. It is better for us amid these waves not to forget realities and not to be affected or terrified by atmosphere of conspiracy and rumors.
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