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Long absence of house members intolerable


Most of the Wolesi Jirga or lower house of parliament members are not regularly attending routine sessions of the house.
The move has raised criticisms from the people and other lawmakers causing failure of the house to complete its curriculum for handling an issue or passing a law.
Nearly two months ago, a rough figure of the house members have been busy in campaign for their favorite presidential candidates. But since the process is ended and the related institutions have started work on when and how to announce the primary result, still wide number of lawmakers are absent and not yet clear if they were planned to come to the House of People.
Wolesi Jirga speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani chairing the latest meeting this week, asked the house secretary for revealing the names of long absent lawmakers and sharing with media.
He said the issue has a negative impact on the house business and the names of the long absent lawmakers should be disclosed and shared with media.
Another lawmaker, without going into details blamed some of the house members for prolonged absence, said non-presence of wide number of their colleagues has laid negative impact on their daily work. He called for changes in the house internal duties.
Only five meetings of the lower house, according to him, has been held with agenda, this year, while the remaining having no specific topics due to absence of remarkable members that had a bad consequence to the routine works.
Actually, the duty of the house of people is to coordinately and closely work with the government or with both the executive and judicial forces to meet the people’s problems.
The house members shouldn’t change into specific groups’ supporters, they should know that they have been voted by the people to work for them not for a specific circles. They should not waste their time for pointless issues.
Afghanistan is in dire need of attention, the house of people has no choice unless closely working with the government to ease all political, economic and social challenges, the country is facing.
Also, nowadays, the people of Afghanistan are facing harsh challenges in term of politics, economy and other aspects and there is a need for doing more and jointly working with the government to tackle them.
As seen, not eye-catching people have voted to the parliamentary nominees, because in the past they failed to address the real problems of their clients and they should have taken experience from the past and do their best to remove any obstacles in cooperation with the government.
Afghanistan needs a powerful parliament with vigilant members in order to diminish the crisis and fight for the preservation of the last 18 years achievements, particularly, when the peace process with the Taliban hardliners is going on and the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is trying to lead an intra-Afghan dialogue to end bloodshed and restore a lasting and inclusive peace in the country.

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