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Logar starts fish farming ranch


By: The Kabul Times

A fish farming ranch has been launched in eastern Logar province.
The farm has cost 1.5 million Afghanis to be built.
According to the officials of the farm, it has provided job opportunities for dozens of people either directly or indirectly.
The warm-water fishes are kept and growth in this farm, the officials say.
They further say that the residents and farmers of the southern provinces are interested in buying this kind of fishes.
They stress that this type of fishes is kept well on the shallow fields of cultivation.
According to the officials, every year about 400,000 fishes are being produced on the farm and they hope to double this number in the next year.
However, they criticize the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for the absence of its cooperation with them.
“Although we asked the Agriculture Directorate for their cooperation, they have not taken any measures yet,” said Hamayoun Naeimi, the person in charge of the farm.
Meanwhile, Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock says that they will cooperate up to 50% with all private sectors in the field of fish farming in the country.
Though it is nearly five years that fish farming ranch has been launched, the officials of the farm have recently decided on keeping the fishes in the shallow fields of cultivation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.