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Lockdown: Citizens concerned about rising crime

By: Suraya Raiszada
KABUL: Following coronavirus outbreak and implementation of the lockdown in Kabul city, concerns over increasing crimes have increased among our citizens on empty streets and roads in the city. They say walking on streets and roads is difficult because of criminals and opportunists in the city following the implementation of lockdown.
“During the past two months, armed robbers have robbed his mobile phones and cash money on delight day 100m close to the main road,” said Mohammad Zaman, a resident of 8 PD’s Kart-e-Naw.
He stressed that days ago a university student named Mohammad Rafi was killed by armed robbers in the same area as he resisted to not given his smart phone to robbers.
Regarding to increasing crimes in Kabul city, ministry of interior says police are always trying to chase criminals and robbers even during the coronavirus outbreak in the country.
“During the lockdown and quarantine period, crimes’ level has cut down across the country as criminal activities have decreased recently not only in Kabul but a number of the country’s provinces,” said Tariq Arian, a spokesperson to the ministry of interior.
He added that 140 murderers, 35 armed robbers, 30 land usurpers, 48 vehicles’ robbers, 116 stealers, 17 individuals with illegal arms and 83 drug-traffickers have been arrested during the past one month, stressing Afghan security forces in particular police cannot do anything without cooperation of people.
According to the ministry of interior, criminal cases of 741 individuals accused of various crimes have been submitted to judicial organs for further process.
Based on information provided by the ministry of interior, 320 criminals belonging to various bonds have been identified, while eight bonds with their 18 members have been dissolved.
Kabul residents have considered steps taken by Afghan security forces for reduction of crimes in the city as insufficient, accusing PDs’ chiefs of cooperation with robbers.
Officials for the ministry of interior by rejecting people’s claims that police chiefs were cooperating with robbers said that no reports regarding of any possible cooperation of police chiefs with criminals were received, saying action would be taken if such incidents happened.
Pointing to recent joint declaration of the country’s defense and security organs, the MoI spokesperson Tariq Arian said that ANDSF were always trying to provide better security to the people, stressing that no criminals could escape from judicial organs and justice.
A number of Afghan experts believe that personnel enmities, not addressing criminals cases, releasing of criminals from prisons and nepotism in judicial organs are all causes of increasing crimes in Afghanistan in particular Kabul, the capital.
“For reduction of criminal activities in the country in particular Kabul, security organs in particular the ministry of interior and national directorate of security should have close cooperation and coordination,” said Yarmand, an Afghan military expert.
He stressed that security organs should follow particular ways for identification of crime and criminals; for example, people security council should be created in each area to cooperate with police, asking the ministry of interior to appoint honest and committed officers rather than corrupt officers.
Military experts consider strengthening intelligence and police organs, providing professional trainings to police, continued counter corruption and seriousness of judicial organs in addressing criminal cases and close cooperation of people as effective ways for reduction of crimes in the country. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.