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Life post COVID-19


By: Atefa Alizada

What is the difference between life post COVID-19 with life before infected to COVID-19? The answer of this will understand nobody, except a patient who has recovered from COVID-19.

In fact, we do not know the value of a thing unless we lose it. Recovery from a disease and returning back to a normal life after weeks of disease is one of these.

Maryam, 31, a month back was hospitalized at a COVID-19 hospital in western Herat province. Now she has recovered and is at home.

“Now, I better perceive the value of many things, the value of life, the value of children and myself. The only thing which is important is health,” Maryam said, stressing that she is paying now further attention to her and her children’s health.

Shafi Ahmad, another patient who has recovered from COVID-19 after spending 20 days in quarantine.

“During days I was at home, I had lots of time and was thinking if I recover, I will do lots of works, will help the people and do all the best. Now I understand the value of being members of my family and value of life,” Shafi Ahmad said.

Based on information of the provincial directorate of public health in Herat, 3,400 people have been infected to COVID-19 in Herat.

Researches have shown that the COVID-19 is a pandemic that results in 1 – 2 percent dead, but dozens have lost their lives due to infected with the coronavirus for the past three months. This shows that all the people are not fortunate that much, but many of them can recover from COVID-19.

On the other hand, researches have shown that a range of symptoms will possibly remain in patients’ body after they recover from COVID-19; therefore, life after the corona is not that much normal and the patient keeps one or two symptoms for some months or even years.

Maryam says she sweats when she works or sits and has still headache. She said that she did not have stomachache, but now she had it. Unlike Mayam, Shafi Ahmad said that he completely recovered from COVID-19 and had no single symptoms at all.

“I had few symptoms of COVID-19, but now I have no symptoms as I am a football player and currently I do sports at home and have no problem at all,” Shafi Ahmad said.

According to doctors, a number of patients who have seriously suffered from COVID-19 and now have recovered will keep a range of symptoms, but with passing of time, they will completely recover and overcome all symptoms of the COVID-19.

“Those patients infected with COVID-19 and spent weeks in the COVID-19 hospital and have suffered serious asthma might have some symptoms for some time, but in future by passing the time the can reduce these symptoms by eating healthy food and doing some sports,” said Merwais Salihi, a doctor for Herat directorate of public health.

According to Dr. Salihi, healthy food and walking in an open and natural environment like sitting to the light of sun can enhance the power of the body and get healthy.

Currently, almost 19,000 people have been infected to COVID-19 across the country, 305 died and more than 1700 other recovered.

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