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Level of underground water decreases 20m annually in Kabul

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Warning on excessive use of underground water, the officials of Water Supply Co in Kabul said, the level of underground waters decreases up to 20m every year which is indicator of water crisis particularly in capital Kabul, The Kabul Times reporter adds that in a number of capital regions people are now facing water crisis and shortage.
In a conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, Sayed Rasool a resident of Kabul said, in our location, Allauddin, this is an acute problem. Locals invested huge amounts and dig wells but with no expected result.
He asked the water supply authorities to take care of this issue.
Aziz a resident of Khair Khana said, since long time the inhabitants of this district have been facing shortage of water. Now due to density of population and water crisis the water supply company doesn’t manage to supply water to people properly. He asked them to fairly distribute and supply water to people.
At the same time, the authorities of water supply department warn on improper use of water and tell the people to economize drops of water.
Chairman of Kabul Water Supply Department said that if improper use of underground waters continue, no solution would be available in future to get rid of water crisis.
Chairman of Kabul Water Supply Department Hamiddullah Belali said, today unfortunately tens of bathes, pools and car washing shops extract water unprofessionally without legal permit. At present we supply hygienic water for 60000 households and have failed to meet need of all people.
He suggests construction of Shah Toot Dam as one of the basic solution. Its preliminary process has been advancing and it would be built in five years and would enable us to supply hygienic drinking water to about two million people and residents of Kabul.
Last week a water supply project was opened in Shah Shaheed area and would be exploited in one year and water will be supplied for 3500 families.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.