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Let’s make Afghansitan a great place for children


In its recent report, the UNICEF has called Afghanistan, as the most dangerous country for children as on daily basis, nine children are being killed or disable. According to the report, 2019 has been the deadliest year for Afghan children and children casualty rate in Afghan war has increased by 11 percent comparing the last one and 631 children were killed and 1730 injured. Between 2009-2018, over 6500 children had been killed and 15000 injured, the UN agency said.
This is not the only problem ahead of Afghan children. Prior to this, reports were released on pitiful situation of children in Afghanistan that have paved the way of concern on children living conditions. Based on available reports, over 3.7 million eligible Afghan children have no access to education and over 600,000 children under 5 year old, have been affected by strong malnutrition while no reliable report has been released on labor children, but thousands of children are breadwinner of their families and their considerable number are involved in heavy works.
Prior to this, expressing concern on children problems and challenges, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission had recounted cutting of children body members during work, abuse or at least sexual harassment, affection with diseases or even death… among consequences of children work and added that children are posing with exploitation in wars and conflicts, violence, transportation of explosives, drug trafficking, kidnapping and all these have faced their life with risks and threats.
The UNICEF report has indicated that at present, war and violence are the main reasons behind Afghan children calamities. Ending war and violence have been said to be the only solution to pave the way for a peaceful atmosphere for children in the war-torn country.
UNICEF and other local and international organizations supporting children’s rights have asked the warring factions to enter peace talks and make peace possible. According to them, the situation of children in five years would only be better that peace talks produce results.
At the same time, it’s very urgent that disputes over children support law that was recently approved by the lower house be concluded and this law be implemented as quick as possible and all concerned bodies carryout their jobs and obligations properly. Implementation of children support law could alleviate their calamities and hardships to an extent.
Children are our human capital and we can’t be heedless to their destiny and life and not be concerned. We are obliged to realize our responsibilities before children and perform them properly and remove problems and challenges ahead of our innocent children according to our capabilities.
Meanwhile, as country has suffered four decades of devastating war which has badly affected the life of every stratum of the society, but the children in particular. They have been deprived of essential facilities and even have been forced to do heavy works.
To bring about a bright future for the war-torn country and end bloodshed and ongoing violence, it is important for the government and the international community to invest on the children and protect their rights. Let’s make Afghansitan a great place for everyone to live, in particular for children. An educated child today would help build devastated Afghansitan tomorrow.

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