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Legislative, executive branches cooperation essential for Afghanistan development

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During a meeting with House Speaker, Administrative body and a number of parliament members, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani emphasized on cooperation of three branches of the republic system in the country.
The meeting also discussed peace process, legislation, removal of MPs’ travel limitations, ignoring of the parliament decisions as well as the problems existed in the field of parliamentary monitoring.
Emphasizing on principle of separation of power which is specified at the current system and is guaranteed by the constitution, the president regarded cooperation of three branches of the government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan a must and impossible principle and asked for good cooperation among the government three branches.
The government and present system of Afghanistan is included of executive, judicial and legislative branches and constitution of the country has emphasized on independence of each one of these forces.
But, at the same time, need is felt for good governance, accountability before citizens and better performing of affairs related to the living situation of the people of Afghanistan, so that through cooperation, the related affairs be promoted and well conducted in the country.
The relation between executive and legislative branches was deteriorated in 16th legislative round of the parliament and there were many ups and downs in cooperation between them. The executive branch didn’t respect parliament decisions and vice versa, parliament was creating some hurdles before executive branch.
Those tensions and quarrels were causing the laws not to be approved for long or those individuals were introduced to the parliament for getting the vote of confidence were being rejected and related institutions compelled to be administered by caretakers.
But from very days, the expectations of citizens were that the people’s representatives in 17th parliament legislative period should share this principle in positive interaction and in convergence and cooperation with two other branches especially with executive one and cooperate with each other in common grounds.
Because, the present situation is very sensitive for citizens and all country and is requiring that each one of three branches to timely decide on the issues belonging to the people of Afghanistan and solution of problems and existing challenges.
The issues such as peace negotiation, ensuring peace and stability, economic issues and foreign relations of Afghanistan with other countries from among them regional relations of Afghanistan with neighbors should be considered as top priority by the three forces.
The issues related to governance such as counter-corruption in government system, rendering better services to people, fight against cultivation, production and trafficking of narcotics and execution of development programs in various provinces and finally improvement of living situation of people are the issues that every branch of government should cooperate each other in implementation of them. In this connection, cooperation of legislative and executive branches is of the immense important.

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