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Lawmakers, experts’ views on replacing of senior security officials

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Recently, in a decree issued by the presidential palace, two former heads of National Directorate for Security (NDS) Asadullah Khalid and Amrullah Salih have been appointed as the acting ministers of interior and defense.
Welcoming the presidential decree, a number of lawmakers and experts call the step effective in ensuring security and a serious message to the Taliban.
These changes have been appeared while the presidential elections is about to be held in near future from one side and peace efforts have been intensified from the other.
A military expert, Atiqullah Amarkhil says that currently clashes are ongoing in a number of provinces and however, the insurgents are willing to peace talks, but besides, they have also intensified their attacks.
Appointment of Amrullah Salih and Asadullah Khalid as key security officials can be imperative to ensure security and bring reforms in security entities, besides, these two figures are expected to be severely the opponents of the Taliban and Pakistan, he added.
This comes as the presidential office says that the government has planned to bring a series of reforms in the administrations’ leadership in which selection of Amrullah Salih and Asadullah Khalid as acting ministers of interior and defense is part of it.
Calling introduction of these two figures important to security entities, lower house of the parliament says that they can play key role in Afghanistan’s security situation improvement.
Right now, Afghanistan needs such experienced individuals, besides, the ministries of interior and defense were in need of some changes, they stressed.
A lawmaker, Akbar Qasemi said, “Considering current situation of Afghanistan, the security entities need military leaders and the Afghan security forces need professional ministers whom to be familiarized with war methods.”
He believes that Amrullah Salih and Asadullah Khalid whom had earlier been working in security entities are capable enough to manage the ongoing war.
Political experts say if essential authorizations are given to these two candidate ministers, positive changes would appear in the country’s security situation, an action that would be a good message to all citizens.
The step taken while 7000 US forces are expected to leave Afghanistan in upcoming months.
Experts believe that the international community should assure the newly appointed figures that they would continue their financial assistances to Afghan security forces even if the peace process followed with positive results, because, Afghanistan needs professional forces as the government achievements’ protection is also depended to them.
Suraya Raiszada

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