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Lawmakers denounce Nakamura’s assassination

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Lower House of Parliament observed a 10-minute silence on Saturday to pay tribute to Dr. Nakamura, whose photograph was displayed in the lower house yesterday.
The MPs blamed regional intelligence behind the murder of Dr. Nakamura and demanded the finding of killers.
In Saturday’s session, members of the Wolesi Jirga displayed Nakamura’s picture at the top of the parliament building in acknowledgement of his services for Afghanistan.
An MP from Nangarhar, Hazrat Ali, said “Nakamura has been murdered for building a canal, a Kunar River tributary. There are political motives behind his killing.”
Anisa Imrani, also a representative of Nangarhar residents also said: “Nakamura has been killed in line with external conspiracies that also involved some internal elements.”
The perpetrators of the murder must be identified and given deterrent punishment, said the lawmaker, who did not name individuals behind the external plots.
Haji Khan Mohammad Wardak, a lower house member from Kabul, said: “The murder of Nakamura is a betrayal of Afghanistan and its people, the killers must be identified.”
Other MPs held similar views and demanded the identification, and severe punishment for, Nakamura’s killers.
Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani extended his condolences to Nakamura’s family and the people of Japan. “Those who murdered Nakamura don’t deserve pardon.”
He denounced the NGO chief’s killing as an attack on humanity and tasked the international and external commissions of the house with investigating the incident.
Unidentified gunmen opened fire at the vehicle of the Japan Peace Medical Services (PMS) chief, who was rushed to hospital. The NGO chief came under attack on his way to inspect a project. Dr. Nakamura’s driver and four of his bodyguards were also killed in the shooting. Dr. Nakamura did a lot for the development of agriculture, irrigation, healthcare and education and won people’s hearts. His services to the people earned him the nickname Uncle Murad.

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