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Lawful behave with fraudulents guarantees election legality

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Mizan 28th (Oct. 20th) was coinciding with holding parliamentary elections in the country. Since long years to date, works have been done so that the process to be promoted in a good manner.
Government, political parties and civil society jointly worked with commission on plans and programs for holding better election.
Because, for holding timely holding parliamentary elections, government and election commission were criticizing more by people and international community.
The people of Afghanistan who were freshly experiencing an open and democratic government and this experience began in very days of parliamentary and presidential elections. But the enemies resort to sabotaging of this process and our people accept sacrifices for progress and development, peace and stability of their country and with complete patience were awaiting for better day to hold a transparent and just election.
Despite all technical efforts, the people of Afghanistan were thinking that in this election no one could to resort to fraud.
Because, with the assistance of international community, worth millions of dollars, the election commission purchased biometric units to prove the identity of voters.
The people were very interesting with using biometric system, this national process to be held in a better way and with electing of better candidates this period of election would be a parallel one in the history of Afghanistan. But, unfortunately and great regret the fraudulents continue to their treasons and in majority of polling stations either in capital or provinces the videos that were showing vast frauds were published.
When vast fraud took place in this process, we believe in next year presidential election more fraud would take place in the country.
Who would benefit from such fraud?
In voting centers, the people registered their complaints in election complaints commission.
The people vivdly inspected which people from which organs resorted to fraud for which people.
According to people, three main factors defamed the process:
1- Much mistake of commission was selection of personnel of electoral zones that took place sans consultation with local elders. The commission selected related personnel according to its well. The selection of such people were non-standardized.
Family members and relatives of the commission were invited for registration of their names
In majority of registration centers it was seen that these personnel were not capable to find even the simple names in the list.
Certain people were campaigning for candidates that the issue was released by media as well.
2- As it was seen in a school that there was voting center, majority of incharges were selected.
Those candidates who newly elected themselves in this process and inspected such faults by their observers, were unveiled and at the same time informed the election complaint commission in the connection.
3- A number of employees of voting centers were linking with those who candidate themselves in the process and such people resorted to vast fraudulent activities.
The last electoral center that was in Kandahar was accompanying with vast and harsh criticizing.
Based on the same, people discouraged completely from all elections to be held in upcoming years.
It is said this fraud took place by new candidates’ and former MPs related individuals, in a country that its parliament members hostaged the house of people and gained and collect much money with using the name and parliamentary position.
The SIGAR administration expressed its consideration time and again about looting of a number of MPs.
Now, the people are expecting from election complaint commission that how the trust of people to be built again which is lost by the election commission, so that the people to attend vastly in upcoming elections.
One way is remained and that is this that with its all strength and the election complaint commission has proclaimed that it would separate white vote from black one, unveil the fraudulents and introduce them to the nation, seriously be executed ad doesn’t permit those who benefited from the name of house of people for years, again go to the clean house of people.
This examination is near and this great test is for honesty and is destiny making for coming generations in election commissions and people’s contribution in upcoming national process.
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