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Lawbreakers, corrupt individuals shouldn’t find way to Parliament

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In modern politics and history, parliament is a legislative body of government. Generally, a modern parliament has three functions: representing the electorate, making laws, and overseeing the government via hearings and inquiries.
Monitoring the performance of executive force as well as giving vote of confidence to nominee ministers and in charges of independent administrations are the main duties of the national assembly.
This necessitates that every member of parliament should place the high interests of people and the country as their working priorities and promote their duty with complete purity and honesty.
This is also important to mention that those who recognized as nominee for parliament and begin campaign in the connection, should enjoy from good background, chastity and competency as representative of people in the parliament.They should be far from any defames such as corruption, usurpation of public properties and law-breaking and be in favor of observance of law contents.
Meanwhile there are some individuals who nominated themselves for upcoming parliamentary and district councils’ elections that are accused of many issues. These accusations included violation of human rights, membership or leading of armed unscrupulous groupings, having hand in organized crimes,usurpation of land and public properties etc. It is necessary that these accusations be investigated carefully and equitably, in the light of evidences and logical reasons.
Based on elections law, the incharge for investigation to those accusations and decision-making in connection with these possible nominees, is the independent electoral complaint commission.This commission established a special committee that is now working on investigation of accusations in the light of documents and evidences to prove the accusations and it is planned this committee to make decision about the remaining or omitting of their names from the list of election nominees.
The independent electoral complaint commission has proclaimed the investigation of related 200 files have been ended and the head of independent electoral complaint commission told media that the names of 25 such individuals were omitted from the list and another candidates received warning.
At the same time, the commission has proclaimed that their decision is not finalized and those whose names were omitted from the list can refer to appeal court and share their reasons with it.
Meanwhile,“Afghanistan Transparency Watchdog”emphasizing that the great number of present members and nominees of parliament are accused for involvement in property usurpation, using influence in appointment of civil, military high-ranking officials, narco-trafficking, kidnapping, illegal extraction of mines, looting of national income, beating of civil, military personnel, creating of harass among people for continuation of insecurity in the country and demanded from election commissions the names of such people be omitted from the list of nominees too.
It is the demand of all countrymen. The independent complaint commission should prevent from presence of those individuals in parliament who were involved in illegal activities.
The upcoming elections prepared an opportunity that the activities of those individuals be investigated that previously they had access to corruption and never obeyed the law and sufficient reasons are existed to prove their involvement in corruption and our citizens are witnesses of their unlawful activities and unreasonable demands.
It is necessary such polluted elements to corruption shouldn’t be permitted to enter again in parliament, the high organ that people pinned much hopes to it.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.