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Lands system modernization to be practiced, Paikar

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In a news conference held in Kabul the other day, acting minister of urban development and lands Mohammad Jawad Paikar said that through ‘Government Land Bank Program’ 3.5 million acres of lands have been surveyed and registered in 28 provinces of the country.
18000 acres of lands have so far been chosen in 25 provinces to execute uplift projects and 5000 acres of lands for resettlement of repatriates and internally displaced peoples in Kabul and Herat provinces, he further said.
He added over 600000 houses in areas with master-plan and no master-plan have so far been surveyed and registered and property documents have been distributed to almost 4000 houses in areas with no master-plan in Kabul, Jalalabad, Herat, Bamian and Nilli.
He stressed that 500000 houses in areas with no master-plan will be provided with property documents by 2020, based on which three million people will directly be benefited from it.
He pointed out that over the last four years, 500000 acres of lands have been retaken in cooperation with provincial governors and security forces and 18823 land usurpers have been identified and the list of 15831 land usurpers have been sent to judicial organs.
Government lands mortgaging process to private sector is among other plans of the ministry of urban development and lands which has been decreased to 11 easy stages from 53 complicated ones, as a result of which 164000 acres of government lands have been mortgaged by private sector in the past four years.
The move helped private sector to invest $730 million through which 241 million Afg adds to the government revenue and employment opportunities have been provided to 28000 people.
Acting Minister Paikar also called practicing the plan to develop lands system in Afghanistan, acceleration of Darul Aman administrative complex construction process, distribution of 500,000 property documents to official and unofficial houses and many more among his ministry’s key plans.
At the same time, technical deputy of norms and standard authority Khwaja Jawid Sediqi reported about approval of over 600 cases of national standard.
He added there is no audit office to review implementation of standard in the market, a move which has caused standard recognition process to face many problems and also resulted in importing poor quality products in the country.
Likewise, he stressed that standards audit unit infrastructure is currently under work and the administration will practically begin its work at its earliest.
It is merit to mention that Afghanistan Norm and Standard Administration has started its activity in 1386 solar year, but despite that, no visible improvement has so far been done in term of approved norms implementation.
Shukria Kohistani

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