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Lack of canalization system faces Kabul residents with problems


Lack of canalization system has not only caused water accumulation on roads, but also faced Kabul residents with lots of problems.
Recent rainfalls and floods have caused Kabul inhabitants to face many challenges in some parts.
They say constructions have been done in different parts of the country, but no attention has been paid to infrastructures particularly Kabul’s canalization system.
Over the last two months, we have witnessed many rainfalls in the capital Kabul, but unfortunately, due to lack of standard canalization system, waters have been accumulated on roads and caused to face the traffic system with problems, two Kabul residents, Ajmal and Abasin said.
They asked Kabul Municipality to construct canalization systems with world standard in different parts of Kabul city.
Billions of dollars have been pumped into Afghanistan over the last eighteen years, but still we don’t have proper canalization system, Abasin added.
Over the last eighteen years, many residential townships, roads and buildings have been constructed in Afghanistan, most of which are not standard and don’t have proper canalization system.
Kabul residents ask related organs’ in-charges to address their problems in this regard.
“Soon, our people will witness making a masterplan studies in Kabul city, but now, we are working on a project to build a separate sewage for tankers,” general head of water supply administration Hamidullah Elani said.
Besides, Kabul Municipality spokesperson Jalil Sultani says to drain waters being accumulated on roads, construction work on a big canal has been improved by 70 percent and it will be completed within the next two months.
Expert on construction affairs Mutiullah Kharouti called observing urbanization culture and preparing a detailed plan by Kabul Municipality on buildings the only solution for current problems. He stressed on practicing the plan.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.