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Laborers, street venders receive assistance from government


KABUL: Following implementation of lockdown in Kabul, a number of residents of Kabul in particular street venders and laborers have expressed their concern over increasing poverty and hunger in the city as they lost their businesses in the city. They have asked the government to provide them with assistance.

Currently, Afghanistan government has approved a scheme worth 500 million AFG and tasked Kabul Governor to provide foodstuffs to laborers, streets venders and miserable families.

According to officials for Kabul Governor, miserable families, laborers and street venders will soon receive foodstuffs as flour, cooking oil, tea and sugar. Previously, Kabul local government, ministry of agriculture and Kabul municipality had distributed 50 kg wheat to each miserable family in Kabul city.

Kabul deputy governor and head of aid committee Hanifa Girowal said Kabul local government has presented a plan of providing 500 million AFG in assistance to miserable families in the city and has recently approved by presidential office.

Based on the plan, miserable families in particular street venders and laborers who have lost their businesses during the lockdown in the city will receive foodstuffs as flour, rice, cooking oil, pea, bean, tea and sugar in near future.

According to Kabul deputy governor, the foodstuffs are determined to be distributed to 60,000 families as soon as possible.

Girowal stressed that the government has also purchased thousands of tons of wheat from India in order to distribute to miserable families in particular streets venders and laborers who have lost their businesses in Kabul city due to the period of lockdown.

Girowal further said that ministry of hajj and religious affairs has also started distributing bread to miserable individuals, adding that nearly 40,000 people who were not able to provide daily food for themselves were distributed with bread by the respective ministry on daily basis.

Girowal by pointing that finding miserable families and laborers was challenging said Kabul local government has asked imams of Kabul mosques to prepare lists of miserable families in the city, adding that currently they have a list of 120,000 miserable and needy families who would soon receive foodstuffs.

According to deputy governor of Kabul, with close cooperation of the ministry of agriculture and Kabul municipality, Kabul local government has distributed wheat to 30,000 needy and miserable families.

Deputy governor of Kabul asserted that the families were living in 10 PDs of Kabul, promising that Kabul local government would cover all districts of Kabul city.

Previously, a number of residents of Kabul city had expressed their serious concern over hiking the price of foodstuffs in the city during the period of lockdown. But, now the ministry of commerce and industries say the ministry has full control on the market and is working to prevent from hoarding in the city.

Shukria Kohistani

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