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Kochi youth call on President Ghani

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with a number of Kochi youths, said Kochis (nomads) were not related to any particular tribe, but belonged to the whole country, a statement from the Presidential Press Office said Thursday.
In the meeting, which was held at the Salam Khana Palace, a number of Kochi’s representing others shared their problems with the president about the recent droughts, health, economy, education, security and other fields and asked for duly addressing them, according to the statement referring to the President’s official site.
The youth also announced their support to the president’s plan against powerful individuals, fighting corruption and generally national programs, said the statement.
After hearing their problems, the president thanked them for sharing their area problems and said: “Kochis were not related to a special tribe, but they relate to whole country and have tangible portion in the growth of economic, defense and stability of the country,” the statement added.
The president said for the first time the Kochis portion had been instructed to be considered in the national budget and this should be used effectively. “Their portion has also been instructed to be lodges in the Citizenship Covenant.”
The president asked them to provide their plan relating to the Kochi’s live and livestock and about the Kochi’s affairs directorate promotion as the first grade department and submit to the Presidential Office.
The values of livestock should be shared with the people, as it is not enough to only to manage the pasture through order, said the president adding the land management administration has been instructed to investigate into the pastures.
The president pledged to tackle all problems of the Kochis in short-term and long-term in regard with their dwelling, with building dams and implementation of the projects, said the statement.
According to the statement, using the available sources, the related organs should address the Kochi’s security, health, education, livestock growth problems and that the Kochi’s high council has been established in which, the youth would be introduced as the representatives.
He said the Kochi’s capacity and cadres would be used in resolving disputes, ensuring peace, the ranks of the security and defense forces and other fields and added the government needed the Kochi’s products to beef up livestock and marketing, the statement concluded.
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