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KMCSC broadcast popular programs

عکس و مطبب کریمه از ولایت پروان 1

In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Kahkashan Media and Civil Society Center (KMCSC) Ahmad Hanayesh said, KMCSC consists of two parts and three radio stations are involved in media activities in Panjsher province and Chaharikar city. The media part includes three local radios of Radio Khorasan, Radio Dunya and Radio Kahkashan and the second part is involved in civil society activities, awareness giving, seminars… etc.
Hanayesh added, since 12 years, Radio Dunya has been broadcasting in Chaharikar city the provincial capital of Parwan province that covers an area from Chaharikar city to Kotel-e-Khairkhana in the south, Tagab, Nejrab districts of Kapisa province on the north-east, Ghorband and Salang on the west and parts of Panjsher and Kapisa provinces. Radio Kahkashan also broadcasts in Chahirkar city while Radio Khorasan broadcasts in Panjsher province as an independent and private radio. Its broadcasting policy includes improvement of freedom of speech, awareness giving, promoting the awareness level of society and defense of human rights. Beside that they are also involved in broadcasting of socio-economic, cultural, political, medical, literary, entertaining programs, music and humanitarian. Islamic topics. We have also established a network and coordinated their broadcasting that covers Kapisa, Panjsher and Kohdaman areas.
The network provides information on elimination of violence against women, disadvantages of extremism, superstitions etc. the network operates 24/7 in three shifts with 56 employees out of which 20pc is females and most of them are volunteers students. Unfortunately we cannot pay all the 56 employees. Only we pay some of them who are permanent workers. The highest payment is US$ 200 per month and the lowest is Afs 1000 per month.
He added, beside regular broadcasting, we also have training programs in the fields of news casting journalism, our main objective is capacity building and professionalism of our permanent and amature employees. So far, we have trained tens professional journalists who have been employed by reputable media. At the end of training they receive reliable certificate. Talking on the technical equipments of these three radios, Hanayesh said, all our radio equipments are Italian, high quality and adaptable with international standards and our broadcast takes place on F.M waves. Our budget is limited and we fund our costs through commercials.
Talking on their future plans, he said, we try to improve our programs and our development strategy includes establishment of a TV station.

عکس و مطبب کریمه از ولایت پروان 2
Touching on their problems and challenges, he said, our first problem includes insecurity. In previous years journalists prepared reports from remote villages on different issues like violence against women but now they are threatened from different directions like local influentials, armedmen or those whose interests are against our broadcasting values and police. Once a grenade was thrown on our station and our employees were injured, some others were even beaten on a different occasion and our office was destroyed.
Bahara Behro an employee of Kahkashan media center and a university student said, since three months I have been working with this center on certain shifts and paid Afs 2000 per month.
Jawad Etemad a reporter of Kahkashan media center and at the same time a university student said, I have been working with this center for over one year as a reporter and am satisfied with my job.
Khoshbo a local citizen of Chaharikar said, six radio stations are broadcasting in Chahrikar and I am enthusiast of Radio Dunya and Kahkashan.

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