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King Amanullah Khan, alarm of freedom and independence

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By: The Kabul Times

In every society, bringing changes is not an easy task. It has its own hardships and special hurdles as well as it demands its own special conditions and convictions.
Adopting measure needs fund and this fund in close and traditional society is very heavy.
Every process along with change face with resistance. As every change is occurring for improving of the affairs.
If we see to it positively, it would be useful and glad-tiding. But, it does not mean that all to get benefit from reformation process and changes or be satisfied with.
When we speak about the situation on the society, there are two kind of situation: the status quo and the situation which is required.
What we speak about the period of king Amanullah and regard him as the progressive and freedom-loving, ruler enjoying from this reason more that he didn’t confirmed the ground reality and was searching for establishment of the state that he was demanding.
King Amanullah was intending that our society to pass through from the situation is ruling.
Political despotism, injustice, discrimination, inequality, oppression and lack of political independence that were comprehensible for all.
But, King Amanullah had come to say “No” to the situation ruling in the country.
The ground reality was not acceptable for King Amanullah. Because, the King was not in favour of this that his people to live with harass, poverty and hardship but he wanted his society to pass through such situations and experience better situation, the situation that is competent for his people.
The situation that was acceptable for King Amanullah was living under the shadow of freedom, democracy, prosperity, credibility and maintaining of basic rights of people.
Despite of this, although, the people especially, constitutionalists and enlightened were pursuing step by step the reformation of King Amanullah and accompany him, but as the conservatives segment of society were regarding reformation of King Amanullah as a threat for their future position in the society, so they were resisting against it.
These resistances and oppositions were spurring more by those hands stretched to our country from overseas from among them meddling of Britain.
The latter also was not agreeing with establishment of new situation in the country, because, this issue would fade the interests of this country in Afghanistan.
The then Great Britain was making effort to keep its influence in the countries are under its domination.
So, as a super power of its time, the Great Britain was not in favor of facing with native people who are under its influence but it was promoting its goal via propagative means and local conservative groupings so that the native resistance be supported and organized by it against those who are against policy of this country or fighting for gaining of their independence.
This was done in Afghanistan as well.
Some propagations were launched against measures adopted by King Amanullah Khan that took the religious color.
Efforts were made what King Amanullah was going to perform in the country be titled as a blasphemous act and process.
As our society was very close and traditional and was enjoying from the conservative groupings, so propagations and gossips were working better and through this the Great Britain did to upraise such people against the reformations of King Amanullah. To be continued

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