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King Amanullah Khan, alarm of freedom and independence

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By: The Kabul Times

Why freedom and independence is important?
In political history of the country, more emirs and kings had come and gone and now, is the chapter of republic.
As we discuss and study about past history of the country, and judge about the report-cards of political history, the future history also judge about those who are leading the country, lead and are leaning on the seat of presidency.
But, among past kings, king Amanullah was from among those limited kings that remained after, a good name in the political field and so far too, he is enjoying from a good reputation in political contemporary history of Afghanistan that should not pass through his name and reputation easily and had no commemoration about his brightened report-cards.
This query is very important that principally, comparing the report-cards of other kings, what indexes differ king Amanullah’s report-cards from others?
Yes! Independence and freedom-loving sense of king Amanullah is a brightened letter that made acceptable the report-cards of king Amanullah for other people.
We know, all developments are lying in the bed of independence and expansion of every society is impossible in the absence of freedom and independence.
Progress and development of a society is possible in a time that the walls of despotism and suppression be broken and people to rescue from the tyrannical human-manufactured claws.
The human-beings be resected and honored. The basic rights of citizens be recognized officially and the rights of citizenship be given to all strata of the society. Men and women be enjoying from equal position and rights and the system and government be guardian of people’s interests and be responsible before themselves.
In such a state the people find an opportunity to comprehend theirselves, believe in theirselves and find society as bed for expansion, growth and development.
So, freedom is very important for appearance of all blossomings and all skills and with the grace of Almighty Allah, objective capabilities are prepared in the body of every human-being.
In a society that the humanity are coming under various discriminations and inequality, being disgraced and oppressed, in such a society, the human-beings find no opportunity to blossom their talents but vice versa their talents are suppressed.
But, in a society that the right and freedom of people are respecting and supporting, in such society, the way is opened for every development and progress. The measure of king Amanullah adopted for realization and regaining of independence as a high human worthy is important from this point of view that in the hard political situation of the time he appeared as a messenger of independence and granted the mournful hearts of people the hope of emancipation from any kind of oppression and better tomorrow.
What is important for people is made eternal the report-cards to king Amanullah in the history of Afghanistan, his political goodwill before the country. He was in favor of a credible, civil and blossomed Afghanistan.
But, what the time was not ripe for comprehension of this political will is another thing that would be cleared in the other parts of this article. To be continued

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