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King Amanullah Khan, alarm of freedom and independence

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By: The Kabul Times

As we know, prior of taking the power by King Amanullah, his father, Habibullah Khan was the king of Afghanistan.
According to the sources and historical quotings, he was indifferent before people and country and was man of pleasure.
Practically, Habibullah surrendered the affairs of country to his brother Sardar Nasrullah and his son Sardar Enayatullah and he himself engaged in unlimited pleasures.
During the reign of Amir Habibullah the domestic situation was caught by corruption, less working and economic pressure that was imposed on people.
From social point of view, the people especially trible and religious minorities, had harsh entanglements and even the system of slavery was ruling.
In connection with international affairs and foreign policy, the then government was absolutely controlling by Great Britain on the basis of treaties.
After the event of killing of Amir Habibullah Khan and when king Amanullah Khan take the throne, the people of Afghanistan was witnessing of new chapter. This chapter was a chapter of hope for those who were tired of despotism.
The reformations that king Amanullah had considered, were following in various aspects of life. Reformation in administrative affairs, reformation in legal and economic sectors was from among his serious measure adopted in domestic environment.
With the beginning of Amani chapter, for the first time, Afghanistan owned the constitution and it was the important indicator of entering of the country into the era of modernization and lawful governance.
Based on this law and national document, all people belong to any tribe, sect and religion were enjoyed from basic rights and became equal before law and justice as well.
Passing through the era lacks of constitution and the ruler was beyond the law and principles, was a great step in reformation process.
Based on constitution, the slavery system was nullified and the right of citizenship was equally considered for all nationals of Afghanistan. This issue was regarding as a prominent indicator for formation of new chapter in political history of Afghanistan.
These measures either from domestic situation or the situation of the country in international environment was a must.
But this issue was serious that why king Amanullah enabled to continue his all-out reformations and in the experience of reformation and the itinerary of developing to get stabilization?
Once more, we face to domestic and foreign challenges that encountered the reformation of king Amanullah with stand still.
It is necessary to revise the method and knowhow of execution and management of reformation process during the reign of king Amanullah that whether, there was a special problem or not?
No doubt, one of the factors was the meddling of foreigners that was leading the domestic issues into worsening. That was funning of riots that the reformation of king Amanullah among tribal regions were interpreting wrong from religious point of view and was accurately reaction against freedom-fighting and measures that were adopting by king Amanullah for regaining of independence of Afghanistan. To be continued

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