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Khost historical monuments need survey, restoration

رئیس اطلاعات وفرهنگ خوست 1

As an Afghan remote province, Khost includes 12 districts rich with historical monuments and cultural heritages out of which 20 historical monuments and cultural heritages have been registered by the MoIC.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Khost provincial department of information and culture Mohammad Amin Shah Ulfat said, these ancient sites include shrines of Dad Mohammad, Kikark Baba, Kakor Abad, Hisar hills, Caravan Saray, Qala Ghazi Babrak Khan, Tapa Khawja Mohammad Khan, Tapa Takhta Begey, Daoogay pool, Tapa Khay Minar, Shallkot historical domb, Qala Bangi, Gardan of Khost with a background of 130-800 years. Al these sites require urgent restoration. Due to security reasons we cannot research and register the rest of historical sites.Talking on cultural situation of the province he said, cultural situation has advanced here by numerous cultural professionals including poets, writers and artists who make regular cultural activities and in 1376 solar year (1997) Istiqlal Literary society was established which was later followed by setting up of Mohammad Siddiq Roohi and Abdul Bari Jehani literary societies in Laknoo and Ali Sher Kheyl district respectively. He added, we have a library with over 10000 books as the main building of the library is being completed soon. Khost museum has accommodated about 300 items of ancient and historical relics collected from different parts of this province by individuals and no professional archeological excavations have taken place here so far. The above relics have been unearthed during monsoonal rains and discovered from muds and clay by locals and handed over to us. If excavations take place here, more priceless relics may be discovered from Buddhism and pre and post-Islamic eras.
He added, activation of our printing press is essential, we have budget problem and have already shared our problems with MoIC authorities.
Head of MoIC Historical Monuments Department Eng Abdul Ahad Abbasi said, an important historical monument located on the east of Khsot, is Kodla Khar Tomb which is a mud made building with a sharp Top dome inside which there are four graves but their precise background is not clear but based on its architectural shape, its an attractive building. Inside its dome there is another dome. On the lower part of the dome there are two arcs respectively.
Abbasi went on to say, Ghondai Hisar is another ancient site most likely from Koshanids era. An archeologist team has already started excavations and researches on it.
Qala Ghazi Babrak Khan is another site. Whenever late Amir Abdurhman Khan learned about bravery of Ghazi Babrak Khan, he issued a decree to Khost supreme governor Sardar Shirindel Khan Zadran and ordered him to submit a piece of land located near Loray village to Ghazi Babrak Khan. In his decree, Amir give Babrak Khan the military rank of Gondmeshr (LTC) and made him responsible for protection of al Paktya borders. Construction of a military fort was also approved in an area of 3 Jerib land with four towers and big metal gate. The fort was surrounded with a wall as inside it was covered with many trees.
Nader Shah Kot is another historical monument which has been registered by MoIC.
Majority of ancient sites have not been excavated and I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities.
Karima Malikzada

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