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Khasha Jawan’s assassination shows Taliban’s enmity with art and artists: Wafayezada

Khasha jawan

KABUL: Popular Afghan comedian known as Khasha Jawan was allegedly gunned down by the Taliban in the city of Kandahar the other day.

The comedian, whose real name is Nazar Mohammad Khasha, was reportedly assaulted by militants before being killed, a video on social media showed. According to the reports, Jawan was dragged out his house after having his hands tied behind his back. His body was then reportedly dumped in the Dand district of Kandahar.

The leadership of the Ministry of Information and Culture extended condolences over martyrdom of the country’s well-known comedian, calling it a crime against humanity and enmity with art and artists in the country.

“Today, during a telephone call with Nasir Ahmad, son of Fazl Mohammad Khashah, I expressed my condolences over martyrdom of this well-known artist on behalf of the Ministry of Information and Culture to him and Khasha family,” the acting Minister of Information and Culture Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada said in a Facebook post.

“Khasha’s son was in high spirit and said was proud of his father that martyred for his country,” the minister added, assuring the Ministry of Information and Culture’s cooperation with comedian family. The Minister also called Khasha Jawan’s assassination a crime against humanity and enmity with art and artists in the country.

The Ministry also said that the Deputy Minister of Culture and Art, Haroon Hakimi, also expressed his condolences to the Khasha family and informed them about a commemoration program.

This comes as Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh in a Facebook post wrote that the comedian was executed by the Taliban in a “kangaroo court.”

“Footage of the moments before the execution of Khasha Jawan in a kangaroo court shows that the Taliban does not abide by Sharia; they have no court, no law, and no humanity,” VP Saleh said in his post.

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