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Khalilzad stresses political settlement to end war in Afghanistan


By: Lailuma Noori

US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in a tweet has stressed on solution of Afghanistan disputes through political settlement.
The US special peace envoy for Afghanistan made the remark in Twitter after meeting with Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the US special envoy.
He stressed that a political settlement in Afghanistan would reduce the burden of war and protect the gains made in Afghanistan.
On his Twitter account, Khalilzad tweeted about his meeting with General Milley: “He knows Afghanistan well. We agreed that a political settlement that safeguards the homeland from terrorist threats, allows us to reduce the burden of war, and protects two decades of progress in Afghanistan is in our national interest.”
Peace process belongs to Afghanistan government. It is determine that the new government of Afghanistan will follow the process soon after results of the presidential elections is announced. The government will then make effort to find a political solution for the ongoing disputes in the country.

In connection with peace and ending the ongoing war in the country, presidential office spokesperson Sediq Sediqi said the government was working hard to end the ongoing war through political settlement so that lasting and honorable peace would be maintained in the country.
Meanwhile, Afghan political experts hope that the new government will pave the way for talks with the Taliban group as there is already some optimistic in this regard, but concerns have raised regarding numerous terrorist groups as Daesh, al Qaeda and others fighting against Afghanistan government in the country.
Currently, two groups are involved in ongoing war in Afghanistan. Taliban have big part in the war, Daesh have nearly 10 percent part in the country’s ongoing war. Al Qaeda has not been involved directly in the war for years but has cooperation with Taliban fighters; therefore, a big part of the ongoing war will end in Afghanistan when Taliban joins peace process.
There is consensus among all domestic forces and parties in connection with protection of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in peace talks with the Taliban group. They also emphasize on all achievements as freedom of expression, citizen rights, women rights and human rights attained during the past 18 years.
It is clear that regional countries as Russia, China, Pakistan, India and all other neighboring and regional countries seriously want the ongoing war in Afghanistan to be ended as prolongation of the crisis can pave the way for formation of new terrorist groups in the region and undoubtedly new groups will pose threats to regional countries. Therefore, regional countries want resumption of peace talks with the Taliban to end the ongoing war in the country so that formation of new terrorist groups can be limited.
Direct peace talks between US delegates led by Zalmay Khalilzad and representatives of the Taliban group continued for nearly one year, but last month the talks were cancelled by US President Donald Trump. Following cancellation of the talks, Afghanistan government stopped all efforts relevant to peace until holding presidential elections.
After cancellation of peace talks, violence has increased in Afghanistan. military operations conducted by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in various parts of the country have inflicted heavy casualties to Taliban fighters as a number of key commanders and so-called governors and district governors of the group have been killed in recent ANDSF operations in the country.

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