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Khalilzad mission, the new chapter for peace negotiations


Almost one year ago, the U.S. president Donald Trump announced a strategy for South Asia, in which the most significant points were to exert pressure on Pakistan pulling Taliban to negotiating table, and leave support of Taliban and other military groups where Pakistan has given safe havens in its own territory, then constantly operate terrorist strikes on Afghan and American forces in Afghanistan, it was a tough alert to Pakistan by Trump administration to choose one way either support terrorism or stand with United States. At the other hand, Trump underlined in his new strategy to increase air strikes on Taliban in Afghanistan until to become ready for peace negotiations or should be fiercely suppressed as well as dispatched thousands of new troops for Afghan army counsels and training, In Trump strategy, India called as an honest friend rather than Pakistan, which has been played a key role in reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Although, the Trump’s administration new strategy for South Asia welcomed by Afghan national unity government, but it also provoked negative reactions inside and outside the country – as it was predicted that the strategy will have no positive results itself – and, the war will be more accelerated in the region particularly in Afghanistan; the same thing happened, Taliban lingered to their offensive attacks across the country by collapsing Farah and Ghazni provinces and other remote districts.
However, Afghan national unity government under by the leadership of Ashraf Ghani frequently invited Taliban to peace talks to end the war in Afghanistan forever – the Kabaul process was the key assembly participated representatives from across the world, in which the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani voiced on Taliban to start peace negotiations without any condition – the national unity government is ready to open political office in Kabul, giving them Afghan passports and providing them each kind of facilities. Taliban in response of Ghani increased the war more and declared that Taliban Islamic Emirate can give preference to start talks only with United States rather than Afghanistan’s unauthorized national unity government.
Hereby, the Trump’s administration decided to come up with appointing Zalmai Khalilzad as a special envoy for United States of America to push peace negotiations with Taliban almost two months ago. Zalmai Khalilzad is an Afghan-American figure who is more experienced in Afghanistan’s social, cultural and political situations by having close relations with Afghan politicians and Jihadi leaders.
Whenever Khalilzad appointed for pushing peace talks with Taliban, he instantly started his peace journey from Afghanistan visited President Ashraf Ghani including high-ranking authorities as well as former officials, after it, Khalilzad traveled to Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar regarding peace negotiations. He visited the Taliban-office leaders in Qatar discussing key issues, for instance, pulling out US troops from Afghanistan based-on-scheduled was an important topic and so on, then he returned to Kabul and shared his report about his visits with President Ghani. On the other hand, the five Taliban prisoners who were exchanged of US detained soldier Borgidal with Taliban, joined with Taliban-office in Qatar to play significant role in peace negotiations with Afghan government, and also Mullah Abdul Ghani Biradar released from jail in Karachi to prepare the ground for peace negotiations, according to Pakistani authorities, he was jailed out by demanding of Khalilzad. In generally, the results of Khalilzad trip to the region evaluated positively, he demanded from both national unity government and Taliban to introduce high-level authorized delegations to push peace negotiations with Taliban. Now-a-days, US special envoy Khalilzad is on his second trip to Afghanistan and regional countries to follow the negotiations for finding solution to the Afghanistan’s 17-year long war, he visited with Ashraf Ghani and other high level former officials and Jihadi leaders regarding peace negotiations with Taliban, meanwhile, Khalilzad assured the Afghan officials that they will reach to a final agreement with Taliban to help peace process.
This time the peace negotiations between Afghan government and Taliban appear serious and different than any other time – the conditions for the involved sides in war are well-prepared which have brought the prospects relatively in public. Thus, all sides honestly endeavor to put an end to the war, in which the dignity of the Afghanistan is secured, and the talks between all involved sides would only represent of Afghan nations. Therefore, the peace negotiation process should be related to Afghan masses and never be sacrificed of politics, getting privileges’ to cause crisis in Afghanistan – pull the country for another calamity. Meanwhile, the neighbors and regional countries have to bring changes in their political aims, not to interfere the Afghan peace negotiation process based on its benefits. The Afghanistan’s national unity government has hard responsibility to be more careful not to let anyone to sabotage peace negotiations or misuse it, therefore, the national unity government has to introduce an authorized delegation who really strive in cooperation of peace negotiations and the government must prosecute form near this process.
Taliban have to consider the Afghanistan’s national interests and values, never attend to accept others pressures to lead the peace process according its own political aims, they should give preference to Afghan-owned talks which can be most useful for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Masomjan Masomy
Research Assistant in Journalism Institute at Afghanistan Academy

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