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Khalilzad in Afghanistan to accelerate peace efforts

khalilzad 14 july 16

The US State Department has recently declared that Zalmay Khalilzad, US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, would visit Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to push for peace negotiations with the Taliban group.
“On his last trip to the region in October, Special Representative Khalilzad called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to organize authoritative negotiating teams, and has been encouraged to see that both parties are taking steps in that direction,” the State Department said Thursday in a statement.
“The United States remains committed to a political settlement that results in an end to the war and to the terrorist threat posed to the United States and the world.” The statement added.
The US special envoy on Afghan reconciliation is in Afghanistan and has met with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. According to the presidential palace, the US special envoy on Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad discussed peace efforts with President Ghani at the presidential palace.
During the meeting, Khalilzad briefed on his visit to the country and the region.
Mr. Khalilzad emphasized that peace management process must be Afghan-led and Afghan-owned. The second round of Khalilzad’s visit to the region for the Afghan peace process begun last Thursday.
A number of Afghan political experts and analysts have different visions over second round of Khalilzad’s visit to the region.
Javed Kohistani, an Afghan military expert by pointing to Khalilzad’s visit to the region said: “Khalilzad’s visit to the region can be effective for peace efforts, but the visit began after Moscow meeting on Afghanistan as competitions among regional countries and powers have increased.”
“The visit can exert further pressures on Pakistan as well as Qatar and other Arab countries in order that they convince the Taliban group to get ready for peace talks with Afghanistan government, HPC, US and other countries involved in war on terror in Afghanistan,” Kohistani said, adding that if Khalilzad’s visit to the region were for releasing Taliban prisoners from Pakistan prison or Kabul, it could unfortunately provide further opportunities to the Taliban group.
On the other hand, representatives of people in parliament hope that Taliban will finally accept the peace voice of Afghanistan government as efforts are underway in national and international level led by US.
Lawmakers have asked for coordination regarding peace efforts as much time has wasted. They also asked Afghanistan government to depend on real address this and follow the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.
Afghan Senate has also considered Khalilzad’s visit to the region as hopeful for ending the ongoing war in Afghanistan, asking Khalilzad to clearly discuss all issues that have caused continued war in Afghanistan with regional countries.
It is worth mentioning that Zalmay Khalilzad is one of US top diplomat who has been appointed by US Secretary of State as the country’s special envoy on Afghanistan reconciliation to end the US long war of the history in Afghanistan.
Suraya Raiszada

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