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Key incidents of 1398 in Afghanistan


By: Lailuma Noori

Each year ends with key incidents happening during the period of the year in Afghanistan. Here, the most significant incidents that have put impacts on Afghanistan during the period of 1398 are hinted:
1. Afghanistan Presidential Election: the fourth Presidential Election was held on Sep 28 in the country. In final results of the elections, Afghanistan Independent Election Commission declared Mohammad Ashraf Ghani with getting 50.64 percent of votes as winner and President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Led by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the State Builder team sworn in on 09 March and held the swearing in ceremony in Presidential Palace with participation of foreign diplomats and thousands of Afghan people.
2. Peace talks: Peace talks between Taliban and the US after 11 consecutive stages finally ended at the end of 1398 and for the first time, Taliban has declared preparations for reduction in violence in Afghanistan. Although ceasefire has not been implemented so far, it seems it will come true during the coming new solar year. After signing the peace deal between Taliban and US, Afghanistan government and Taliban are on the threshold of starting the intra-Afghan dialogue to end the ongoing war through political settlement.
3: Security: according to acting minister of interior Masoud Andarabi, during the 1398 solar year, 2,105 innocent people have been killed as a result of terrorist attacks across the country. Most of the civilian casualties have been caused by mine explosion and suicide attacks. In the meantime, 1514 mine explosions and 61 suicide attacks have been launched by armed Taliban fighters in the country.
Pointing to police casualties in the past one year, acting minister of interior has said police casualties have reduced by 18.5 percent comparing to the previous year. Meanwhile, 1934 peoples involved in terrorist acts have been arrested. Also, 2412 joint and independent military operations have been launched against terrorist groups during the past one year.
“Nearly 2,000 Daesh fighters have surrendered to ANDSF during 1398 in eastern parts of the country as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a visit to Nangarhar last October declared complete defeat of Daesh group.
4. Economy: economic growth has been estimated 3.3 percent in 1398 by the World Bank. Afghanistan ministry of finance has declared that the country’s economy growth has increased from 2.7 to 3 percent in 1398. The main reasons of the country’s economy growth were the creation of air corridor with regional countries and other initiatives taken by Afghanistan government. By creation of ground and air corridors, the country’s exports will increase from $1billion to $1.5 billion in 1399.
5. Culture: in 1398, Afghanistan government held numerous cultural programs for the celebration of the country’s 100th Independence Anniversary as hundreds of various cultural, sports, literal and theatrical festival and programs were held on the occasion of marking the 100th Independence Anniversary of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, working team of the ministry of information and culture engaged in protection of the Minaret of Jam in Ghor as the minaret is not safe and protected as the MoIC has paid serious attention to protection it in the past one year.
The MoIC has renovated a number of the country’s historic monuments as Merwais Nika Mausoleum in Kandahar, renovation of Aqina Pool in Faryab, renovation of second phase of Qala-e-Seraj in Laghman. Almost 4,608 historic artifacts have been recovered from seven historic sites of the country. Besides, an relic from the era of Buda has been sent and submitted to national museum. Two exhibitions in which 250 historic relics have been put were held in China last year.
6. Media: The  Afghanistan  Journalists Center (AJC) has said violence against journalists 21 percent increased during 1398 solar year. The center registered 116 cases of violence against journalists during the year, compared to 92 cases in 1397.
The figures showed violence against journalists increased by 21 percent last solar year. Five journalists and media workers were killed, 22 injured, 28 threatened, 32 insulted, 18 kidnapped, eight arrested, six beaten up and four others were threatened with weapons this solar year.
In 1398, Afghanistan faced with lots of ups and downs in political and security spheres as a number of experts believe that 1399 is also a challenging year for Afghanistan.

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