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Kapisa’s historical monuments still safe, intact


Kapisa is one of Afghanistan’s provinces with historical monuments and tourist sites where fortunately, its historical monuments and cultural heritages have still remained intact and no reckless excavation and smuggling have taken place there.
Head of Kapisa provincial information and culture directorate Rustam Rustamzada told The Kabul Times that his department’s activities have divided into three sections of information and culture, tourism and youth.
He said, ‘Kapisa had been the kingdom center of great Kanishka for almost 600 years and India, Bangladesh and Pakistan had been under control of Afghanistan and were being controlled from here. That is why there are many historical relics in this province.’

رئیس اطلاعات وفرهنگ کا پیسا
He added Kapisa is rich of historical monuments as recently a one and half a meter statue has been found, but other historical monuments of the province have remained intact so far.
In some historical sites, the people had built reckless houses, but the tourism department have taken the control of those areas and prevent building more houses there, he went on to say
About tourist sites he said, Pakistan enjoys many visual and beautiful places and if the ground is paved they would draw the attention of domestic and foreign tourists, he said, adding Reg-e-Rawan is one of those places.
Sayad is another famous recreational place in Kapisa and fortunately, the government of Afghanistan has planned to construct a national park there, he continued.
About Sang-e-Neweshta he said, ‘The stones with writings are among the historical relics, as well as there are many stupas that have been damaged due to natural incidents and need repairing.’
‘Abdullah tower is among other historical places in Kapisa and located in Sayad area.
There are many other historical places in some other areas of that province that need protection and preservation.’
There is a local museum in Pakistan where enjoy 170 historical relics, he said, adding we hope to have a modern museum in Kapisa in near future.
About his department’s youth activities he said, ‘Kapisa youth play key role in organizing seminars, ceremonies, sport and educational programs and youth growth.’
Karima Malikzada

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