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Kapisa residents demand more health facilities

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By: The Kabul Times

Women’s rights activities in the central province of Kapisa said there is a lack of healthcare services in all districts of the province, especially for women who cannot travel long distances in search of health facilities.
Local officials said there are 45 health centers in Kapisa, which has an estimated 364,000 population.
“At least 20 to 25 women give birth in our hospital every day. It is 500 to 600 births every month,” said Rohullah, head of the 100-bed hospital in Mahmood Raqi, the center of the province.
The activists claimed that maternal mortality rates are high in the province due to poor access to healthcare services. 
“Government has established a number of health centers for women, but they are not enough,” said Hadia Tuba, a women’s rights activist in Kapisa. “Women’s condition in Kapisa is concerning. The government should feel responsible and solve this problem,” said Warsa Kohistani, a women’s rights activist in Kapisa
But the head of Kapisa Public Health Directorate, Shoaib Danish, said that more than 85 percent of residents of the province have access to healthcare services.
“I can say that over 85 percent of our people have access to healthcare services in the province and those who are living in rural parts areas [of Kapisa] have been benefited by our mobile services,” Danish added. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.