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Kandahar pomegranate increases, but lacks market


Reporting about increase in pomegranate yields, a number of merchants say a huge part of Kandahar pomegranate is expected to be exported to abroad this year.
A farmer, Sabir told The Kabul Times however, this year drought has negatively affected our products in compare with last years, but pomegranate products have considerably increased in Kandahar province.
According to him, lack of market to sell is one of the challenges that has changed into a matter of concern to them.
Horticulturists ask the government to prepare the ground and help them export pomegranate to abroad.
At the same time, Kandahar governor, Zalmai Weesa said the government of Afghanistan was making effort to sell Kandahar agricultural products in good price in abroad.
He added Russia is a good country to sell Kandahar agricultural products.
Kandahar is a province where its pomegranate is famous worldwide.
A number of traders said Afghanistan’s pomegranate enjoyed good market in the region.
A pomegranate seller, Gul Aqa says I buy a quantity of pomegranate from Market and sell it daily. Our sells are good, he added.
It is merit to mention that Afghanistan is a country where has good seasonal products. Pomegranate is an agricultural product that not only enjoys good market inside but also outside. Therefore, the traders should consider all business standards while exporting Afghanistan’s merchandizes to abroad.
Agriculturists believe if the government particularly the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock help them store fresh fruits, fruits would be easily found inside the country in all seasons.
Cold-stores can be very effective to protect Afghani fresh fruits.
A Kabul resident Homayoun believes that over the last years, the government has done much to improve farmers and horticulturists, but if it considers collections, packaging and establishing cold-stores, people would easily access all kinds of fruits in every season.
The ministry of agriculture has organized many special programs to horticulturists comparing last years and is making effort to address farmers’ agricultural challenges at its earliest.
This is while the country’s farmers have always complained on lack of market to their products, but it is hoped their problems to be addressed.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.