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Kandahar officials, residents appreciate braveries, sacrifices of Afghan forces


By: The Kabul Times

KANDAHAR: The Afghan National Défense and Security Forces (ANDSF) day was marked during a ceremony in Kandahar’s Ghazi Amanullah Khan hall on Thursday, a statement from the provincial media office told The Kabul Times daily.
The meeting was attended by provincial deputy governors, Ulema, elders and influential figures as well as heirs of the ANDSF martyrs, according to the statement.
Congratulating the day to Afghan forces, deputy governor Abdul Hanan Munib said that was happy to see that disabled and heirs of the Afghan forces were commemorating the day beside journalists, civil society activists and Ulema of the country, which according to him love and respect to the forces was increasing day by day.
Praising the bravery and sacrifices of the Afghan forces, the deputy governor asked people to spare no efforts in supporting of their forces so that to help increase their combat morale.
Meanwhile a number of the heirs of martyrs and disabled of the Afghan forces asked government to pay further attention to the families of ANDSF and pay homage to their tireless efforts for security and stability of the country.
Representing 205 army corps, lieutenant Muzamel Safi thanked people’s support to the Afghan forces, adding that public support to help improve the combat morale of the forces and they would further try to establish security in the war-torn country.
At the end of the ceremony, government officials handed over bunches of flowers to the Afghan forces, so that to pay homage to their heroism in war on terror. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.