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Kamal Khan dam, a means to Afghanistan honor

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In a recent unprecedented measure, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammed Ashraf Ghani inaugurated Kamal Khan Dam, after expected to irrigate thousands of hectares of land in the country’s southern western Nimruz province.
The great welfare project is one of the current incumbent system’s long commitments to be launched in the country.
The project will remain permanent, as the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan would never allow the water to go wasting.
The country’s first and second Vice-Presidents, Amrullah Saleh and Mohammad Sarwar Danesh have also attended the grand ceremony in addition to other government officials.
Kamal Khan Dam located in Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province, the dam has a capacity of 52 million cubic meters and expected to irrigate 174,000 hectares of land in the province once affected by insurgency.
The neighbours if want to use the country’s waters, they can use as they need, not beyond it, as the country’s President said.
The long delayed project dam is located 95 kilometers from the city of Zaranj, capital of the province.
The dam was built along the Helmand River and will irrigate thousands of hectares of land in three districts beside supplying water to the provincial center.
About nine megawatts of power will also be provided from the dam and in the first stage, it is expected to store 52 million cubic meters of water.
With a length of 16 meters high and is intended to irrigate agricultural lands while also preventing flooding in the province.
Other projects are on the run and the government, despite, growing insecurity threats, is making efforts to construct and inaugurate all economic projects and to show that Afghanistan was really going ahead and developing further than ever.
Afghanistan will not give up to rumors and under the current system leadership, would strongly stay against against all malicious circles and would work hard towards development.
Meantime, the country’s security forces in cooperation with the brave people, would defend the current democratically elected system and the values of republicanism.
Those circles who are working in the interest of others, will become regretful once they see their expectations are not fulfilled, even if a permanent peace restored in the country.
So, there is a need to jointly work for the protection of the country from insurgency and work shoulder to shoulder with the current system to have a peaceful nation and preserve the last nearly two decades of achievements, under the republic system.


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