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Kabul’s security improving, terrorists losing to government: Governor

والی کابل

KABUL: Governor of Kabul Mohammad Yaqub Heidari said the security in the capital is gradually improving, adding that a number of effective measures to protect residents will be implemented in the near future.
“In general, the [security] situation is getting better. By now, an exact plan has been prepared that will very soon help protect Kabul residents from terrorists’ attacks. We intend to implement a number of effective security measures in future,” Heidari told Sputnik News.
The governor stated that terrorists’ presence in the capital could be explained by the fact that many extremist groups had become unable to fight government forces in the field, and direct clashes gave way to terrorists’ raids in the cities and settlements.
“Even with the help of such raids, terrorists are incapable of succeeding as they had hoped to do. They expected to be able to take control of cities, regions, they tried to do it. In some areas, they even temporarily succeeded, but we countered them, and militants had to retreat with big losses,” the governor noted.
He stressed that terrorists focused their attention on Kabul because all attacks in the capital were extensively covered in media, stating that readers might not know the names of other provinces or cities, but they would know Kabul.
Other than achieving media coverage, terrorists are trying to scare the people of Afghanistan, especially the young and the businessmen and women, into leaving the country, Heidari noted.
For years now, Afghanistan has been fighting primarily Taliban group, as well as a number of terrorist organizations that have been operating in the country.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.