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Kabul residents tired of increasing crimes in capital

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Insecurities, armed robberies and kidnapping traders by armed irresponsible individuals have increased in recent months in Kabul, the capital. Increasing the crimes have raised serious concern of the people of Kabul, but Kabul police while asking for close cooperation of the people in arresting perpetrators of the crimes informed of reduction of crimes in the city after further efforts and operations have been launched in the city during recent months.
“As you know, the issue of crime is a social phenomenon and continued efforts are underway to identify individuals involved in disrupting security and submit them to justice,” said Fardaws Faramarz, a spokesperson to Kabul police.

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He added that Kabul police by launching operations in various parts of the city have been able to arrest 42 individuals involved in various crimes as armed robbery, stealing vehicles, murder and others in the past 72 hours.
He stressed that unfortunately most of perpetrators of the respective crimes were under-aged youth; therefore, they were usually released and advised not to so in future, but they would be submitted to justice if arrested again.
According to Kabul police, criminal cases registered during the past few days are seriously investigated by police as there have been good developments in the case of killing Ali Sina, who has been stabbed recently by armed robbers in the capital.
Faramarz further said that Kabul police would also share details about killing of four members of a single family happening in 7th PD with media and the people. Pointing to recent achievements of Kabul police, Faramarz said that Rais Najibullah, a criminal bond leader, has been arrested recently in 2nd PD, while another criminal bond leader Hotkhil has been killed during a police operation in 9th PD of Kabul city.
The Kabul police spokesperson further said that police were making effort day and night to maintain better security in the city, but asking the people for close cooperation with police in arresting criminals in the city.
Faramarz by pointing to recent achievements of Kabul police said fortunately due to continued effort of police forces, the level of organized crimes has reduced by zero, adding that hundreds of individuals involved in various crimes such as murder, theft, armed robbery and kidnapping have been arrested during the past one month. Related to rumors in social media in connection with increasing crimes and insecurities in the city, spokesperson of Kabul police said upon happening something in Kabul, our people soon boasted it as bigger and think that situation was unprecedentedly deteriorating in the country, which was untrue as police were working to maintain security and fight crimes in the city. One of serious concerns of Kabul residents is lack of security in the city, but Kabul police by assuring of maintaining better security and reduction of crimes in the city stressed on continued operation against criminals in the city.
Considering close cooperation of Kabul residents with police as significant in reduction of crimes in the city, the spokesperson to Kabul police said cooperation of the people with police has increased now, asking the people to have part in maintaining security in the country. 

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