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Kabul residents expressing concern over increasing criminal activities

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Insecurities have increased in Kabul city in recent days. In incident, Azizullah Karwan, commander of special police forces in Paktika, was killed last week in a park where he along with his family had come in recreational park.

Continued insecurities, armed robberies, kidnapping and increasing of armed irresponsible individuals in Kabul city have raised the concerns of residents who have repeatedly asked security organs for providing better security to the people of Kabul.

Kabul police department while asking the Kabul people for cooperation towards maintaining security and fighting crimes informed of reduction in crimes during the past one month.

A spokesperson to Kabul police department Hashmat Stanekzai by pointing to killing of Paktika special police forces commander and increasing of crimes in the city said that killing of Azizullah Karwan was a terrorist act, adding that police criminal department has started investigation over the incident.

Accepting security problems and shortcomings in security sector, Stanekzai said: “As you know, Kabul as capital city of Afghanistan is facing with lack of possibilities and equipment, but despite of all problems, police are trying their best to maintain better security in the city.”

He added that Kabul police have arrested more than hundreds of people involved in crimes such as armed robberies, murder, kidnapping and stealing in Kabul city during the past one month, stressing that police efforts towards maintaining security and fighting crimes would continue.

Kabul police spokesperson by assuring Kabul residents of better security and reduction of crimes in the city said an intelligence team would be soon created to fight criminal crimes in the city.

He also informed of further reforms determined to be implemented in various sections of Kabul police command, saying that by implementation of the reforms crimes would be unprecedentedly decreased in coming weeks in the city.

Considering cooperation of the people in maintaining of security and decreasing of crimes in Kabul city as significant, Stanekzai said cooperation of people with security forces has increased comparing to previous years, but such cooperation was not sufficient, adding that the people should report any suspicious activities and incidents to police district departments and take part in maintaining security in the city as police could not lonely address all crimes and problems.

Crime is a phenomenon that cannot be eradicated from a society but we can adopt measures to minimize its occurrence.

After 2014, due to concerns about the security and stability of the country, a large number of investors and traders moved their wealth out of Afghanistan. Businessmen and investors are often the main victim of crimes such as abduction and robbery, which discourage them from investing in the country and cause the remaining capitals to flee the country.

Suraya Raiszada

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