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Kabul residents criticize increasing power cut

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By: Masouda Qarizada

Increasing power cuts simultaneous with the advent of hot summer in capital city, have sparked strong criticism of Kabul residents. A number of people claim that Breshna Co fails to supply regular power to people.
Residents of certain parts of capital city complain that they have power only few hours in 24 hours.
Ajmal a resident of PD-13, Kabul city said, from dawn to late evening, we have only two hours energy and in the rest hours we lack it.
Abuzar Muradi another resident of PD-13 said, hot air and energy cut have simultaneously increased as we have only 4 hours energy in 24 hours.
Despite of efforts of Breshna Co, still there are complains on unfair power supply. A number of Kabul people accuse Breshna Co for weak management and said that Breshna Co has failed to supply essential services to subcribers.
Mahmood another resident of PD-13 said, powerful and rich people enjoy regular power energy but we poors are at close quarters with this problem and even don’t dream energy.
Although the Afghan government imports power energy from Tajikistan and other countries and invested huge amounts, but recently power cuts have increased and have almost paralyzed the people normal living system and have affected people business. People ask the government to clarify reasons behind shortage of power energy. Private businesses afford to use generator but majority of ordinary people don’t afford spokesman of Breshna Co Wahidullah Tawhidi said, you might have realized that since Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning we have no power cuts in capital Kabul.
He added, the highest energy consumption is usually with a number of government departments. We kindly demand them to turn off their LC and lights in order to prevent misimpacts.
According to Breshna Co data, Kabul needs 600 MW energy per 24 hours, while there is no more than 380 MW power in main networks.

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