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Kabul residents concerned by sharp rise in houses rents


By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: A number of Kabul residents complaining about sharp rise in house rents, saying their monthly incomes are insufficient to pay the rents in the capital city.
According to Kabul residents, for a normal house, tenants pay 7000-35000 Afs per month. They also complain about the system of free market where house owners renting their houses in highest prices and without any proper reasons.
Kabul residents also saying that the city Municipality doesn’t oversee the activities of the real estates, and that’s why the house rents are sharply increased in recent years.
Nafisa, resident of Kabul city who lives in an apartment and pays 5000 monthly rent, complains the high cost of house rents and added it was hard for her to pay it since she has low income.
She says, due to security problems, people leave their provinces to live in capital and here they are renting the houses in high prices.
A rating procedure must be determined by government for house owners to rent houses considering that procedure, recommended Nafisa.
Younus, a government employee who earns 10,000 Afs every month as his salary says: “I feel hot and fever, when the landlord comes to take the rent because I am not able to pay the rent and I must borrow some money.”
Landlords are unfair, they do not charge one month’s rent in another month; in addition, they do ask for 6 month prepayment, he said.
Meanwhile, the real estates have no specific rating letter to rent houses based on. The real Estate therefor rent house considering its location, quality and free market system, he added.
Nematullah a real estate agent says: “we rent houses considering the quality and location of the house. A house in good location that provides sufficient facilities for tenant, the cost of rent for that house is high while the cost of rent for houses in a bad location with poor facilities are less.”
There is no measure and law to rent houses base on; house owners rate their houses considering its location, and quality, he added.
Meanwhile, Kabul municipality outlines that they cannot determine the rates for rental houses considering free market system.
Samira Rasa, spokesperson of the municipality told media that the municipality have no responsibility in this regard; based on free market system nor the municipality can determine the rates neither can control it.
A free market is a system in which the prices for goods and services are self-regulated by the open market and government have no control on prices. The system has created many problems for consumers and tenants in Kabul city.

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