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Kabul residents complain on recent electricity outage


Expressing concern over recent load-shedding in the capital Kabul, a number of citizens told The Kabul Times that still Breshna Sherkat has not done what it was expected and their problems have remained unsolved in this respect.
However, the power is being imported from Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan with high price, but recently, power outages have faced the people with lots of problems, a Kabul resident, Shahida said.
She asked the government to clarify the reasons behind these load-shedding.
Majority of people are busy outside of their homes during the day and when the power is gone, they face many problems until it returns, another Kabul inhabitant Mustafa said.
He asked Breshna Company to pay heed in this regard, because, the people need power, adding those who are financially capable can use generators and those who are not, cannot use generators.
In a telephone conversation, Breshna Company spokesperson, Wahidullah Tawhidi told The Kabul Times recently, power consumption has increased among the Kabul residents, because, with the advent of winter, a number of our people use electronic heaters that causes to impose pressure on transformers, thus, we have to cut the power for a few hours.
Besides, the reason behind load-shedding over the last three days was that there have been some problems in power lines importing from Uzbekistan and it has been solved now, he went on to say.
To solve power shortages in Kabul, he said we were making effort to import 100 mgw more power from Tajikistan, adding we also want to provide 80 mgw solar power to Kabul residents overnight. A number of universities’ students ask Breshna Company to provide them with power nightly so they can study properly.
If the people use the power only to enlighten their homes, they won’t face any load-shedding, thus, they should try to prevent additional power consumption, Tawhidi said.
He assured the people that load-shedding problems would soon be solved. Unfair power distribution in some parts of Kabul city is another problem that should be paid heed by Breshna Company.
This comes as daily, Kabul residents face 3 to 6 hours load-shedding which is intolerable to them, it is hoped Breshna Company to fairly distribute power.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.