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Public transportation is an important contributing factor to urban sustainability. Effective transportation networks that incorporate public transit help lower a city’s per capita carbon footprint and make cities more livable by easing commute and transportation needs and increasing accessibility.
But lack of an accessible, affordable, safe and secure, clean and environmentally friendly transportation system is one of the biggest challenges of Kabul city. People continue to walk for a long distance or stuck in traffic jams for hours.
Recently, Kabul’s public bus service took to the road officially on Thursday when the new bus service was inaugurated by the mayor Daoud Sultanzoy. The bus service was launched for the Kart-e-Naw routes and Ahmad Shah Baba Mina in eastern parts of Kabul.
Kabul municipality emphasized on protecting and caring for these resources, which is one of the national assets; the service is for all citizens. According to the municipality 200 buses will eventually operate in the city along 16 routes of Kabul. However only five buses are initially in service.
Kabul Municipality and other relevant authorities have repeatedly made pledges that they would bring fundamental changes in the transportation infrastructures of Kabul city. However, they have not been able to meet their promises. As a result, the people are disappointed with the promises in terms of improving the transportation infrastructures.
Kabul citizens hope that municipality take further and tangible steps in improving the urban transportation, as they continue to suffer from basic services. There are private vehicles that transporting people to different destinations and applying their own fees on the people, which government find it difficult to control.
Indeed, weak transportation infrastructure is one of the biggest challenges that Kabul is faced with it. It wastes the time and resources of the government and the people. Research findings show it is one of the main causes of national psyche in the country that recovery can take decades.
Despite of progress and development in different sectors and land connectivity with different neighbors via train, Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, yet to see modern transportation system, like bus and metro services or other means of transportation services.
As a result, the Afghan government shall take the necessary and practical steps to address it accordingly. Because it is not only an indispensable catalyst for activating and stimulating the speed of economic, social, political and strategic development in any society, but it also is one the fundamental rights of the Afghan citizens as well.
Since the Kabul municipality began the services of buses in the capital city, it is the duty of the people to protect and preserve the national assets and avoid destruction of them. People’s cooperation is key to development of the city, sans their cooperation no tangible progress would be made.
Kabul city has seen many development projects but was not sustainable since people did not cooperate with government and line organs. Therefore, if people want the new bus services to be functional and sustainable, they should do more to protect them.

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