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Kabul power reconnected after 20 days of hard work, official

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By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: The Afghan Breshna Shirkat – the Kabul main power supply company has said the other day that power for the capital Kabul and ten other provinces of the electricity deficient country has been reconnected after repairing the pylons destroyed earlier on the two sides of the Salang Pass.
The company, in a statement, said the power pylons collapsed by unknown individuals have been reinstalled and the electricity were connected helping residents in Kabul, the capital and ten other provinces reach end of darkness.
According to the officials of the company, more than ten million Afghanis have been spent to repair the pylons and reconnect the power to some ten provinces of the country including the capital.
Head of the Breshna Shirtak also asked for bringing those behind the power pylons’ destruction, to justice.
On the other, the country’s national directorate office has said that the cases of the elements behind the power pylons destruction would be sent to the attorney general office.
Last night, after 20 days, the Brishna Shirkat company personnel succeeded to connect two circuits of the power imported from Uzbekistan, said Amanullah Ghalib head of the company.
According to him, the expenditure of the power pylons’ fixing and the money spent for fuel up to 50 workers were not still specified.
People involved in the power pylons’ destruction in both sides of the Salang Pass have been arrested and they should be punished to be a lesson to others. Armed men led by Mamati Salang, the notorious leader of the gunmen, have asked for at least $100,000 in extortion or would destroy the pylons. Few days ago, the personnel of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) arrested Mamati Salang and his subordinate destructive armed men and detained.
According to the source, their files would be sent to the attorney general office.
Afghan citizens are also asking for brining those behind the pylons’ destruction to justice.
“Those resorting to the destructive activities and eliminate uplift facilities should immediately be punished,” said Saber, a Kabul citizen.
He said the government should come with war with those against the people welfare and prosperity. Lawyers of the country said such individuals should be brought to justice and the government should seriously behave with them according to law. “Under the Criminal Code of Afghanistan, article 368, destruction of public property requires an imprisonment of about one year, but under the article14 has ordered for compensation by the destroying individuals, as well,” Wahid a lawyer said.

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