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Kabul municipality preparing for New Year 1399


By: Shukria Kohistani

As Kabul municipality has informed of preparations for the New Year and spring, a number of Kabul reisdents in interviews with The Kabul Times say the city municipality has not paid considerable attention to improvement of situation in the city, complaining of weak city services to the people.
They say Kabul city with its 7 million population has changed now to a crowded city. Crowd of people, traffic jam, increasing of construction of low standard towers, increasing of trashes, lack of protection and maintenance of Kabul roads and streets and lack of canalization system have all increased in people’s problems in the city and it is the responsibility of the municipality to address the people’s problems and provide better services to the people.
Despite of all these problems, a spokesperson to the Kabul municipality in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent by pointing to preparations which were underway for the New Year 1399 said Kabul municipality wanted to implement numerous programs.
“Planting saplings, cleaning streams and canals, construction of sidewalks, collecting trashes and decoration of streets and roads are part of programs which are implemented each year on the occasion of marking the New Year,” said Nargis Momand, spokesperson to Kabul municipality.
Momand stressed that unfortunately Kabul municipality has cancelled most of national programs set to be held on the New Year Festival day in Kabul, but saying that the cleaning and greening of the city would be followed across the city.
“For greening of Kabul city, Kabul municipality in close cooperation with ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock and National Environment Protection Authority has started planting thousands of saplings in various parts of the city,” Momand said, asking the people and a number of organizations to take part in greening of the city.
Related to complaints of Kabul residents criticizing works of Kabul municipality, the Kabul municipality spokesperson said: “Kabul municipality has made lots of efforts and taken effective steps towards greening the city comparing to five years ago as nearly 28 parks have been created and greened in the city so far.”
Momand asked the people to cooperate with Kabul municipality in protection and watering of saplings that have been or being planted by the municipality across the city.
Pointing to collecting of trashes and keeping cleaning the city, Nargis Momand said Kabul municipality has installed trash-bins in parts of the city, adding that the people were not cooperating with the municipality in keeping the city clean.
A number of Kabul residents are claiming that a number of roads and streets have not been constructed in a better way, saying that people are facing with serious problems during rainfalls and snowfalls in the city.
Related to this problem, the Kabul municipality spokesperson added that the municipality was determined to build the city sidewalks in a new system during coming New Year 1399, saying that last year the municipality was able to construct nearly 88,000 m2 sidewalks in the city.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.