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Kabul hosting conference titled ‘Peace & stability’

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By: Lailuma Noori

A number of Pashtun tribal elders of either side of Durand Line have gathered in Kabul to consult ways for solution of ongoing war in the region.
They have attended a two-day Peace and stability Conference held by Afghanistan ministry of tribal affairs in Kabul.
Speaking to participants in the conference, minister of tribal affairs Muhibullah Samim by briefing related to aims of the conference said threats of ongoing war have posed to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Waziristan and other areas; therefore, it was necessary to hold a peace and stability conference to find ways for solution of the war.
The conference was attended by influenced figures and politicians, cultural figures and politicians of Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. According to Afghan officials, armed opponent groups of Afghanistan government have safe havens in Pakistan, but this country has rejected such claims.
The main reason of the war in both sides of the Durand Line is clear. Afghanistan does not recognize the line. It is a historic issue and problem which won’t be resolved with creation of tension. Currently, Afghanistan is suffering the continued war and violence imposed by enemies of the country and its people who have been waiting to live in peaceful environment for years long.
What’s the root of security crisis in Afghanistan? The answer is simple. There are two factors which are domestic and foreign. In the country, the Afghan people love their country and are condemning the war as they have taken necessary steps to bring peace and stability in the country. On the foreign factor, it is clear that foreigners are hear to counter terrorism and want to work for the implementation of democracy and civilization in the country.
In regional level, countries in the neighboring of Afghanistan should review their foreign policies towards Afghanistan so that the country reaches lasting peace and stability in the region as peace and stability, regional security and continued mutual cooperation are the most the significant issues that should be followed by countries in the region.
Targeting killings, IED blasts, violent attacks and increasing violence have resulted in killing hundreds of innocent civilians in Afghanistan since the starting of intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Talban in Doha. Besides, Taliban and armed opponent groups of Afghanistan government have always put civilians in danger for their vicious goals and used them as shield during their attacks on ANDSF. Continued violent behaviors and inhuman acts by Taliban group and delivered death toll from the war are really shocking.
War and insecurity is a vicious phenomenon for all the people of Afghanistan as the people have suffered the continued catastrophe for the past four decades and it is hoped that in current meeting, consultation and debates would be held between tribal elders of the two sides of Durand Line to address misunderstanding between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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