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Kabul air pollution; govt seeking renewable energy source

Air Pollution in Afg

By: Shukria Kohistani

Complaints of Kabul citizens on excessive air pollution has caused the government to seek a solution for pollution reduction. In the wake of Kabul inhabitants complaints on pollution, president Ghani has requested cooperation of serviceable unions of renewable energy production on support of solar energy systems aimed at pollution reduction as an alternative for fuel and coal. To achieve this goal, the government has undertaken a program that would be started in Kabul and the government departments would exploit solar energy and prevent air pollution.
Director of Consultative Board of Breshna Co, Muhibburrahman Mohmand said, for heating of government offices, Breshna Co in cooperation of Kabul environment Agency has been working on a mechanism to prevent harmful consumption of fuel and reduce Kabul air pollution.
He added, if currently Kabul power is used for heating of government offices, electricity cuts will be increased because today we are facing shortage of electricity in capital and provinces and due to this reason cann’t replace fuel with electricity.
He added, Breshna Co with the cooperation of the MoWE are working on s solar energy project and with its completion large parts of people problem including shortage of electricity will be solved.
Environment experts said that poverty is one of the main reasons of air pollution. At present Kabul inhabitants don’t afford to purchase gas or electricity to heat their homes.
Mustafa Safawi an environment expert said that consumption of low quality fuel including Diesel and Petrol in vehicles, coal for heating of homes and high rise buildings, burning of tyres and used engine oils in Brick Kilns are reasons behind increasing factors of air pollutions in capital Kabul.
Kabul air has been further polluted than before and affected people with respiratory and heart diseases.
Citizens ask relevant bodies to prevent this situation. They should prevent construction of non-standard buildings in Kabul.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.