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Joint military operation to be soon started against armed opponent groups in north

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By: Suraya Raiszada

It is determined that joint military operations are going to be started by NATO and Afghan Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) against armed opponent groups in the country’s northern provinces.
In their recent visit to northern provinces and meeting with First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, NATO RS mission general commander and ANA general commander for 209th Shaheen Corps have informed of starting joint military operations against armed opponent groups in particular Daesh in the country’s northern provinces.
Related to starting of the joint military operations, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum said that the military operations would be soon launched with close cooperation and support of NATO’s RS mission in norhtern provinces of the country.
Abdul Rashid Dostum, first vice president, on Thursday at a gathering in Jawzjan said that a large-scale military operation will be launched in the north of Afghanistan against “insurgents.”
Gen. Dostum said that in the past three months in Sheberghan, the capital of the Jawzjan, “Daesh” fighters have increased their influence in north of the country.
Military officials for 209th Shaheen Corps in the country’s north say launching of the joint military operations in the country’s north is aimed to suppress armed insurgent groups and address insecurities.
 Earlier this week General Austin Scott Miller, commander of US and NATO Forces in Afghanistan, and acting Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid, met with Gen. Dostum in Jawzjan and discussed the security situation in the north of Afghanistan.  
“We discussed the situation in the north where the security threat is at a high level.” Dostum told reporters, adding: “After the meeting, will let you know when and where the operation will be launched.”
Currently, the Daesh insurgents have increased their activities in Faryab, Sar-e-Pul, Jawzjan, Balkh and Samangan provinces, according to the local officials.
“The information shows that Daesh has encampments in some areas where security forces do not have a presence. But we assure you that the Afghan forces, with the aid of Resolute Support, will eliminate Daesh or Al-Qaeda troops that are active in those areas,” said Gen. Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, commander of 209 Shaheen Military Corps.
 Faryab-Jawzjan and Jawzjan-Balkh highways are insecure, and the residents of the provinces have been urged to stay off the highways.
Meanwhile, the ministry of defense has also confirmed of plans for launching military operations in the country’s north.
“It is determined the military operations are launched with close support of NATO RS mission and consultation of First Vice President Gen. Dostum,” said Rohullah Ahmadzai, a spokesperson to the ministry of defense. Afghan security officials have informed of launching joint military operations amid of increasing efforts towards starting peace talks with the Taliban group. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has recently pointed to maintaining peace and role of the country’s ANDSF, saying that Afghans are facing with destructive imposed wars; therefore, leading and managing the war needs serious determination until they reach peace in the country.


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