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Joint government, media meeting held

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KABUL: Chaired by Second Vice-President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the joint meeting of the government and media was held, Bakhtar News Agency reported the other day.
Various issues, including violence against journalists, the Attorney General Office report about addressing the related cases received by this office, the report of the independent local organs about the provincial committees meeting as well as issue about the distribution health cards to the journalists have been discussed at the meeting, said the agency.
The vice-president expressed satisfaction over the efforts of the security and justice organs to follow the cases of violence against journalists and called the made efforts effective, according to the agency. Danesh asked the organs concerned to do their legal responsibility on support to the freedom of expression, journalists and access to information.
At the meeting, representatives of journalists federation and media also expressed their dissatisfaction over the way of distribution of medals for the journalists during a meeting held by the Presidential Office, and reported about the distribution of health cards and how the journalists support fund was operational as well as the need for creation of a special court to follow violence against journalists, the agency added.
The meeting, after fully assessing the issues and hearing the related reports and complaints further emphasized for more coordination of the security and justice organs to follow the cases related to violence against journalists as well as further coordination between the journalists federation, reporters and media.
About the implementation of the law of work in media, the meeting tasked the ministry of information and culture and the ministry of labor and social affairs to adopt the needed measures in this field.
The issue of establishment special court for perusing the cases of violence against journalists, and distribution of health card for the journalists, the committee meeting directed the journalists federation to present the issue in writing to the next meeting for more discussion.
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