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Jobba a traditional festival

عکس و مطلب کریمه درمورد میله جبه

By: Karima Malikzada

This festival has been common among the people of Kabul since long times, starts on the first Friday of Hoot (Fish) and ends on the Nowroz day.
In the past, this festival as organized on the slopes of Shuhaday-e- Saleheen, Siah Sang hill and Khawja Safa and people attended it with thier families.
Later on gradually it expanded and was held in Bagh-e-Babur. Tents were set up and shopkeepers were deployed with foods one day prior to the event. The festival was started early in the morning and continued until late afternoon.
Every entertainment took place by people. For example, snake Charmers displayed snake and Squirrel fighting in a corner, with the participation of 200-300 audiences. On the other corner jugglers including late Khalifa Karim and his pupils performed interesting shows that attracted attention of audiences.

Cudgel play of Khalifa Chajo and Khalifa Salam enjoyed particulars reputation among people. On each corner other entertainments including wrestling, horses racing, fencing were performed and audiences had enjoyed.
Acrobats were invited from foreign countries specially Samarqand, Uzbekistan and displayed acrobatics games at a height of 35 meter to thousands participants.
Entertainments were available to elders and children in all parks.
Due to lack of sufficient transportation means, majority of people walked to festival ground. Shopkeepers sold different tools to children. Families brought fish and Jilibi and took to festival.
Unfortunately due to outbreak of conflicts and wars, these traditions were gradually forgotten and fading.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.