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Istanbul meeting seems to bring lasting peace in Afghanistan

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By: Lailuma Noori

The two- and half-year peace effort has a clear message to Afghans. The coming Istanbul peace meeting is a key opportunity for Afghanistan future. Both Turkey as host of the coming peace meeting and regional and world countries as the involved sides in Afghanistan situation are determined for results of the meeting.
In fact, the coming Istanbul peace meeting is considered as an exceptional opportunity for ending the continued and historic dispute of power in Afghanistan. To make better use of the opportunity, it is necessary that a strong base should be put for Afghanistan future in the meeting. In the meantime, all sides to ongoing conflict should put their personal benefits aside; instead they should resolve the dispute in a principle way. This can be possible in case negotiating teams of Afghanistan government and Taliban agree on a new formula for future of Afghanistan.
Both negotiating teams of Afghanistan government and Taliban should agree on a comprehensive draft plan for lasting peace and ending the continued war in the country. The plan should identify roots of the continued war and find way for its solution. One of its goals should be the fairly distribution of power, opportunities and services.
Afghan political experts believe that negotiating teams of Afghanistan government and Taliban should participate in the coming peace meeting for ending the continued war and maintaining permanent ceasefire in the country. They should focus on ending the war and maintaining lasting peace and stability in the country. They are stressing that the Istanbul peace meeting is a golden chance for ending Afghanistan’s ongoing war; therefore, this chance should not be lost.
Turkey is considered an important country the perspective of its geopolitics position located between Asia and Europe. Besides, from the perspective of religious – political, the country is close to regional and Islamic countries. Therefore, the country can form an overall axis what Islamists and republicans are stressing on.
On one side, Turkey has historic relations and friendship with Afghanistan as it has provided considerable assistance to Afghans in the past 19 years, but on the other hand, the country has somehow influence on religious groups as Taliban’s most focus is on region and maintaining Islamic system; therefore, both sides of the intra-Afghan talks have accepted the country’s host for the peace meeting.
Consequently, choosing Turkey as a new place for the intra-Afghan talks, mediation between Afghanistan government and Taliban and hosting the Afghan peace talks is good news. As a member and partner of NATO in Afghanistan, Turkey can monitor a possible ceasefire in battlefield in a better way. In addition, Turkey is in a position that can work closely with both Pakistan and US. The country has had very good and strategic relations with Pakistan for the past few years. To host the intra-Afghan talks, relations with Pakistan is important as Islamabad is a good position for exerting pressures on Taliban.

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