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Istanbul Conference; opportunity should never be lost

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following Doha peace negotiation, it is determined that Turkey is hosting Afghanistan peace talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban; therefore, negotiating teams of the two sides are in consultation for the talks.
Turkey’s Istanbul Conference is facing with deadlock and some vagueness. Based on reports, Afghanistan government, High Council for National Reconciliation and a number of political parties will attend the conference with separate plans.
A number of Afghan political experts and lawmakers while hoping for results of the conference are stressing that the Istanbul conference is an opportunity that should never be lost. “Istanbul conference is so important for Afghanistan as it will specify the future destiny of the country,” said Ahmad Imran, an Afghan political expert. He stressed that the conference suggested by the US new administration led by Joe Biden could open a new chapter in Afghanistan peace process and would specify the destiny of the future of the country. “In coming Istanbul conference, what vital is the specification of the role and position of Afghanistan government; on the other hand, the United Nations as the only international organization should monitor and guarantee the conference, Imran said. Ghafoor Jamshid, another Afghan political expert says it is important to be patient as it is a long process, adding that the US and other partners of Afghanistan should help and support our country in reaching peace and ending the continued war as talks without US and other world and regional countries won’t give result.
“What important for the people of Afghanistan is the result of peace talks; therefore, the Istanbul conference can untie the knot of current problems in Afghanistan,” Jamshid said.
This comes amid of efforts towards holding the possible Istanbul conference in coming weeks. On the other hand, Taliban has recently suggested that the conference should be changed and held after the holy month of Ramadan. Meanwhile, numerous draft plans within the republic side and suggestion for delaying the conference by the Taliban group have put all sides to the conflicts in Afghanistan to difficult circumstances. After resumption of the intra-Afghan talks between Taliban and Afghanistan government negotiating teams in Qatar, peace talks continued without any considerable progress as both sides spent months to agree on agenda and procedure of the meeting. After the US new administration led by President Joe Biden took power in January, the situation changed as Biden’s administration announced to review the US – Taliban deal signed during the presidency of Donald Trump. After reviewing the deal, the US new administration suggested a new draft plan for Afghanistan peace; therefore, the Istanbul conference has been suggested to be held to specify the destiny of the future of Afghanistan. Currently, it is very important for the Afghan side to go with a single plan as the single plan and vision can guarantee the success of the Istanbul conference for peace in Afghanistan. The coming Istanbul conference is considered as an unprecedented opportunity for ending the continued war in the country; therefore, the opportunity should not be lost.




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