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ISESCO, UNESCO ease funding for Afghanistan projects: Bawary

اول سر طان اشنایی با کمیسون ملی یونسکوافغانستان ع خیر محمد 2

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: A meeting was held to introduce ISESCO and UNESCO National Commission of Afghanistan at the Ministry of Information and Culture here yesterday, BNA reported.
Addressing the event, deputy minister of culture Prof. Mohammad Rasul Bawary said the ISESCO and UNESCO National Commission was easing funding of projects in Afghanistan, adding ministry of information and culture was cooperating with the UNESCO on four sections.
Prof. Bawary said a library to be built for children with the support of the commission, adding much should be utilized from capacities of these two institutions.
Meanwhile Secretary General to ISESCO and UNESCO National Commission Mohammad Shaker Habibyar said based on resolution of the institution, each country obliged to establish the commission, the agency quoted as saying.
He said the commission’s mission was to ease international funding for peace and security in the world.
Meanwhile the commission’s representative Hayatullah Hayat briefed the meeting on structures and working affairs of the commission, the agency said.
Wrapping up the meeting, director of Bakhtar News Agency Najibullah Shinwari praised the commission’s works and emphasized on continued cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Culture.

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