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Irresponsible remarks of Pakistan’s Ulema Council Chief

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In the wake of assassination of Mavlana Samyaullaq, Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Mavlana Mohammad Taher Ashrafi in reaction of pleasure of some people, in an interview with News TV, said with killing of Mavlana Samiulhaq, Jihad will not be concluded in Afghanistan but it would be further intensified to that extent that no wrong would be able to prevent it. During these utterances, he was extremely upset and was talking in such away that as if he has been strongly disturbed due to their pleasure and was connecting it with the anti-extremism policy. Nevertheless, those utterances reflect few issues simultaneously, one, the institutionalized enmity of Pakistan to Afghanistan and with its people, and interference of Pakistani bodies including religious figures in domestic affairs of Afghanistan. Like other Pakistani Mullahs, Mavlana Ashrafi based on the spirit of hostility and in continuation of expressing wrong and extremist ideas of Pakistani Ulema, has called current war in Afghanistan as “Jihad” and told his followers in Afghanistan to continue war and violence here and emphasize that their violence is Jihad. This was an idea on which Mavlana Samayullaq and other Pakistani Ulema had repeatedly emphasized. Secondly, calling Jihad those actions that all Islamic Ulema have called it terrorism and forbidden muslims to resort it, he in fact wanted to encourage terrorism and violence in Afghanistan.
There is no doubt that it was not a mere expression or position of an ordinary person to ignore it simply or underestimate it, but it’s a statement of Pakistani important religious leader who chairs Ulema council and leads big religious organization. Such a statement could fan up waves of bloodletting and violence in Afghanistan and cause intensification of vioelnces and can strongly affect Taliban, Haqqani and other similar groups and motivate them to shed more bloods.
The Afghan Ulema Council was necessary to have reacted strongly against it and condemned it as a frank interference in our internal affairs.
Afghan Ulema should have stated that current violence and war in Afghanistan is not Jihad but terrorism, and is against Islamic teachings.
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